[email protected] program supports all payment models on Xbox One

Independent games will not have to adhere to a set pricing structure on the Xbox One. During an interview with Joystiq at PAX Prime, Microsoft's portfolio director for digital games Chris Charla said the [email protected] program, an initiative that will allow independent developers to eventually self-publish on Xbox One, will enable "every business model that any other game on Xbox One has." So [email protected] games support free-to-play, micro-transactions and premium pricing.

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HolyDuck1904d ago

I do like that you can add achievements to indie games, it's something the Indie area on 360 is severely lacking, achievments somewhat motivate me to play games sometimes so it's always a plus.

I hope Smartglass is easy for indie devs to use, would be nice to see what they do for it, if anything.

maniacmayhem1904d ago

Exactly, I have been saying this since the beginning of the 360's indie games. They should have allowed the devs to add in achievements. This I believe would have motivated more users to buy indie games. Especially chievo hunters for the 360.

buynit1904d ago

I wish ALL games didnt have to adhere to that $60 price tag cause lets be honest not all games are created equal..

YNWA961904d ago

Maybe depending on user ratings like on IOS, prices would be compelled to drop if no good. But I guess that depends on the honesty of people, which if you took people here on N4G, would be a disaster...

buynit1904d ago

Lol it would never work if random ppl can put a price tag on it especially n4g!

Reviews need to go back to the profesional age, like back in the genesis gamepro days and nintendos gold seal!

Grown Folks Talk1904d ago

They don't. You see games release at $49.99 & even $39.99 at times.