Candy Crush Saga making $620,000 a day

Candy Crush Saga is racking in a cool $620,000 per day thanks to its in game micro transactions.

Information recently provided through AppData confirms the massive amounts of money that the game is making on a daily basis.

The developer of the game, King, also has another game called Pet Rescue Saga which is just behind Candy Crush in the terms of revenue collected. It is possible that both games combined are making $1M a day.

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jackanderson19851934d ago

And that kids is why microtransactions won't be going away anytime soon

crxss1934d ago

absolutely ridiculous haha

Apex131934d ago

Sad but true. However, I think it's teens or fat lazy slobs/women with no jobs spending money on this. No working person would be so silly

Tzuno1933d ago

i so fucking agree with you.

PurpHerbison1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

"Sad but true. However, I think it's teens or fat lazy slobs/women with no jobs spending money on this. No working person would be so silly"

"I think it's teens or fat lazy slobs/women with no jobs spending money on this"

"no jobs spending money on this"
"no jobs spending money on this"
"no jobs spending money on this"


1933d ago
vickers5001934d ago

Pop ups are constantly redirecting me to this app on the playstore when I view N4G on a mobile device, like twice in a row on every other page visit. Does this happen to anyone else? Because it's starting to get really annoying. It appears on other sites as well, but nowhere near as frequently as it does here on n4g (when browsing with my phone that is, I never see it when just browsing on my pc).

It's very intrusive and annoying. I wouldn't mind if it was a banner or something on the n4g page itself, but it keeps opening the google play store on my phone straight to this app.

TheFutureIsBlue1934d ago

Yeah it happens to me too vickers500 when I browse n4g on my phone. It's fucking annoying.

Name Last Name1934d ago

It happens to me too. It started a few days ago.

ApolloTheBoss1933d ago

Same here, man. That's must be how they are making so much money. People buy it by accident.

Omar911933d ago

Same problem here. I literally got so annoyed by it that I switched from my phone to my pc because I couldn't take it anymore.

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badz1491933d ago

my family members and I play it like everyday but have never spend a dime! it's about self-control, people.

Although my sisters still play it, my wife and I are basically already over this game. My wife stopped at level 300+ and she got bored. I reach level 200 myself and already bored. we uninstalled it from our phones and even if it's easier to be played on FB with free gifts and stuff, I think I'll stick with Bejewelled Blitz! pure skill and speed. I've seen too many cheaters and pay-to-winners on Candy Crush for me to even care about it anymore!

Jaces1933d ago

Same here. I'm at 158 and kind of getting bored. Took to Bejeweled a couple days ago for the first time in a year and I'm in love all over again. Don't have to worry about lives or waiting for friends to gift you tickets to the next round. lol!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1933d ago

U can buy so many fish sandwiches with that it's insane!!

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Blank1934d ago

Damn thats alot of daily dough and sure because of examples like this has many drooling to replicate this revenue. They tend to go overboard which doesnt help them reach such daily revenue. I can only imagine how EA and most major pubs is slobbering over the idea of cashing on their games like this.

arbitor3651934d ago

this business model is great for publishers but terrible for gamers and the quality of gaming

Heartnet1934d ago

Nah Candy Crush Sage has great production values.. so the quality will only go up :)

As more F2p titles arise the quality for each will be competetive :) and the model is fine for gamers.. you can get as high as any1 else even if u dont pay in Candy Crush :) Youll just find it harrd and frustrating :D

jackanderson19851934d ago

oh it's free to play but if you want to win you'll have to pay or grind for so long you'll despise the game and never want to touch it

elmaton981934d ago

Yeah that exactly what happened to me. Played the game for a couple of days since my cousin recommended it to me but I never got hook on it and I believe it may be because I play too many different and better games than that crap.

d0nT wOrrY1933d ago

Not if you use cheats, like I do lol

HammadTheBeast1934d ago

Me neither. Always seen it up top, but it looks lame.

cellur1111934d ago

That's what i thought, until i started playing it.

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