Developer at PAX Prime Says How Much He Dislikes The Xbox One Controller and Wants Changes To It

During their hands on time with the meeting room only build of Dying Light. Skewed and Reviewed report that a developer for the game told them he does not like the new Xbox One control and said he has hopes that Microsoft will make changes to it soon.


Story has been updated with the name of the developer and e-mail thread from the rep who setup the interview as well as the author. The e-mail address has been removed for security but everything else has been posted as the meeting was done under a no recording rule aside for one photo that was taken.

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user74029311903d ago

dualshock 4 will be the superior go to controller this gen.

user74029311903d ago

there your hands, you dont have to ask permission from me.

JokesOnYou1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Check this out from the same author, he changed headline on old posts too after he claimed X1s were failing at Comic con and BS about no Kinect, look at his comment history and news submissions if there is any doubt of his bias, no coincident he made this story only after the other n4g X1 thread about the controller. Guy clearly trolls Xbox and to think this is the kind of "journalists participating on n4g:

Garethvk  + &# 160; 41d ago
No they did not have the new Kinect there at all. Many had asked if the games were being run on the system or a PC. At E3 you would see games with an Xbox control but when they opened the case it was a PC under the cabinet so they could show off higher graphics and speed. Its a exhibition trick.

*Notice how he provides no proof with a *unnamed dev, just like past allegations with no proof.

malokevi1903d ago

Does anyone expect us to believe this sudden flurry of baseless "Xbox controller sucks" threads?

Because for the past few months I've read nothing but glowing appraisals. I find it hard to believe that up to this point everyone who has gotten their hands on it is full of S#it.

The logical explanation is that whoever made this comment is full of it.

kreate1903d ago

I'm surprised...

I thought everyone pretty much praised the 360 controller.

The xbox one controller is superior and an upgrade from the 360's controller.

So I don't see how the xbox one controller is bad, if anything, it should be better.

JokesOnYou1903d ago

Its called FUD and this guy and his site is full of it.

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Legion211903d ago

Have you used either controllers? I'm not seeing how you just jumped to this conclusion. Anyways to me the dualshock controllers have always been too small, an hour or so into gaming and my hands start to cramp.

dcj05241903d ago

You should get you're hand checked out. I cramp abut hour 9 or 10 with DS3. I only gans for 4-7 a day so no problem for me .

sAVAge_bEaST1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

He doesn't like the Million dollar one.Controller? (slippery bumpers, and un-responsive sticks) -is it more money poorly spent?

We will know more in Nov. but seems like the DS4, is the go to controller this next gen.

ABeastNamedTariq1903d ago

Well that's not good (I mean, it's good if they make changes -- you know what I mean). I like the look of it, it seems to be comfortable. But this is one developer. More grip would be nice though.

Garethvk1903d ago

Exactly, I did not mind the control at first and thought it was nice, but the grip was bad and the other issues that I mentioned. It can be fixed though, I just hope Microsoft does it and we do nto have to wait for third party manufacturers to do it.

user74029311903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

''Although lighter than the Xbox 360 control and easier to wrap my hands around, the controller had some annoying bumpers. Many times during my testing I went to hot the top right or left bumper and found my hands slipping off them to the lower triggers.

Worse than that, the thumbsticks were very awkward at times and were not always responsive, especially when I pressed the left stick down to while trying to sprint.''

-Game Developers

Garethvk1903d ago

I have 4 people who were in the room with me, photo of me playing, plus the two developers and the pr rep who can confirm it. What is so bogus about a developer saying he does not like the control? Here is a new flash, not everyone likes all the controls. I used it, some aspects I like others I did not. Some will like it and some will not so again what part is bogus about this?

bessy671903d ago

Then confirm it. Post the video, and give the name and company of the developer who said this.

iamnsuperman1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

You are going to need more than that. The problem people have to take your word for it. This is where a video helps. I am not saying your lying just helping you for next time. There is still the possibility of doubt without video evidence

Belking1903d ago

If people wrote articles about what they liked and didn't like about new xbox controller(or any controller) we have have a over flow of them. We all know everyone isn't gonna love the new xbox or ps4 controller but it really isn't a reason to do a article about it. We know that overall it's a improvement for both so all this "wants it to change" stuff is just bogus and looking for hits. If you liked the xbox360 controller then chances are you will like this one too. Game journalism really is a joke nowadays. It's like they have no idea what is newsworthy. I get it though. Sites like this one really have no standards so it's anything goes. It's hilarious.

JokesOnYou1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

I'm calling BS only because looking at your comment history for a "journalist" is very bias everything from NSA microsoft trolling to claiming X1 games were running on pc at the same Comic con when other more reputable sites showed/confirmed X1 launch games running on X1 hardware. Also like I showed above you were caught flat out lying about X1s being down at Comic con and lol its the same pattern with you first you said same thing, that YOU and others SAW it then you backpedal and changed headlines and many of your concrete statements, even hiding behind mods. lol what kind of neutral journalist comments on n4g and then hide behind mods when caught making shiii up?

Bro you're full of it.

BallsEye1903d ago

Waiting for real confirmation. Untill then don't post any more articles please.

kennyg37391903d ago

We're calling bogus because of your past bogus bullshit and you have no proof.

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