2DS not planned for Japan as of now

Nintendo announced the 2DS a few days ago, but only for western territories such as North America and Europe. Did you notice that Japan was conspicuously absent from the recent news?

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user74029311933d ago

it looks like this is merely an experiment to make up for money lost on wii u.

3-4-51933d ago

No, it's an experiment for their NEXT handheld.

Instead of trying this design 5 years from now, they get it out of the way.

It's a transition between what is now, and what could be.

I still think the next Nintendo Handheld will be very close to the Wii U game pad.

tyjor1933d ago

I doubt it's an experiment to make up for money lost on the Wii U, because nintendo were still making a profit even when they aren't selling many Wii U's.

Basically I think that in Japan, it's the adults that mostly game - but over in the west there are more kids playing video games, and this is their attempt to get to that market. By removing 3D and also making it look like a kids toy.

It's not a bad idea considering it is being released along side pokemon X&Y. But I still think the design could've been handled better LOL.

GdaTyler1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

And I thought they were going to take advantage of it. It would have been better for them if they had don it worldwide as Pokemon is too. Meh, still going to get loads of money off that...... -__-

Concertoine1933d ago

considering how well the 3ds does in japan this is surprising.

Kalebninja1933d ago

thats the reason its not going to japan because so many ppl already have a 3ds in japan and so many ppl in america and europe dont have it

Concertoine1933d ago

i guess but im sure there's still money to be made in japan with the 2ds launching with x/y

The_Truth_24_71933d ago

Yes, dumbed down experience for the US!

1933d ago