Sony Offers Cryptic Statement on PS4 Voice Commands

Sony last night addressed whether the PS4 features voice command capabilities through the PlayStation camera, but the company's statement may not reveal as much as it initially seems.

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Majin-vegeta1450d ago

Mehh i could care less but if it does do it.Good for it.I just prefer to turn my console on with my remote.

buynit1450d ago

Well how much less can you care? I would like the option of both, im not scared of moving forward..

scott1821450d ago

The thing has voice recognition, meaning they can add any number of features they want using voice. If there is not a feature for voice navigation at the moment like Kotaku is suggesting there may not be, they could add it at any time using firmware. I would be surprised if there weren't any voice navigation features currently though.

abzdine1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

great video! the crowd sounds excited for some greatness.

ShinMaster1450d ago

Moving forward...?

Anyway. The technology is there. Sony can apply it if they want to and if the demand is high enough.

Voice commands have been around for a while now and has more to do with the software than the hardware. So the camera is more than capable.

malokevi1450d ago

Voice recognition? Yeah. IR blaster... I doubt it.

The best thing about Xbox's voice recognition is that you can tune it so that when you say "Xbox, On", it turns on your TV, your receiver, your Xbox, and anything else that you want. Basically, it activates your whole media setup, which is amazing.

Voice commands are nifty, but as far as functionality I think Kinect takes the cake. Not to mention that it's fully supported, designed from the ground up, and comes standard with every console.

I definitely won't be getting a camera for my PS4.

NewMonday1450d ago

Kotaku on the weed again

what is the point of "voice recognition" without voice commands?

it is like saying a console has online but not MP.

scott1821450d ago

Sony fully supports the playstation eye obviously, but it's not forced on the user, it is an option if they want that experience. We didn't even know that it had voice recognition until just recently, how can anyone say it doesn't offer as much functionality? Sure there may be a few bells and whistles the Kinect has and the eye does not, but as far as being good usable tech for any number of things it appears great. Plus it is functionally very practical for gaming with the move controller, and extremely fun. One of my favorite games of last gen was move sports 2, just because the move controller worked so amazingly well for sports games. I will definitely be getting the new improved camera with the system.

wsoutlaw871450d ago

@malokevi. Turning on my ps3 already does that. My tv kicks on and switches to ps3 input.

ShwankyShpanky1450d ago

Poor Malokevi has never heard of HDMI-CEC, which is already supported by the PS3.

But IR control is way more advanced than HDMI-CEC, right?

As an owner of a Harmony remote, it can be obnoxious when one of the components goes "out of sync" with the rest of the system, like if someone walks in front of the entertainment center while everything's turning on and blocks the signal to one component. And of course you'll need to be sure that your setup allows your AV receiver to effectively receive IR signals being emitted outward from above or below the TV. Won't work so hot for anyone that keeps their AV equipment in a closed cabinet or closet.

@newmonday: My thoughts exactly.

andrewsqual1450d ago

Then go back to 2002 and use it on Windows XP. What's that? That's crazy? Exactly.

NateCole1450d ago

Wasting breath and voice to turn on the console is moving forward?.

sincitysir11450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

My goodness the comparisons between kinect and the eye are ridiculous. They do similar shit the only difference is that kinect does it "better." U all seem to forget the eye is still extremely capable being HALF THE PRICE OF THE KINECT!!! S I X T Y D O L L A R S vs O N E H U N D R E D & F I F T Y D O L L A R S

YodaCracker1450d ago


Exactly! Which is why it is beyond me why anyone would expect the PSEye to come anywhere close to the features and performance of Kinect 2.

sonarus1450d ago

Scared of moving forward. You are only fooling yourself if you believe saying "XBOX ON" is moving forward compared to just pushing your button.

Oh ps ms force kinnect on us so it can make all games better. Motion control is obviously the only path to moving forward

Axe991449d ago

Moving forward? We've had voice commands in games since the early 2000s - voice control isn't 'moving forward' as much as refining something we already had. I agree it's a nice add-on, but as someone who runs a 'silent' system (gaming with headphones so as not to disturb those around me) voice commands aren't the add-on I'm looking for.

thisismyaccount1449d ago

If talking to a electronic device is going forward in "times"... i´d rather stay where i am right now.

Seriously... someone at Sony thought... SHEET! M$ is doing what we are doing right now, first they remove the DRM, then the 24 IP check, used games policy.. then the one for Indie devs.. and apparently there is no need for KINECT!

They keep telling you, there won´t be a kinectless (btw. they got this Name from a PS2 Eye Toy game : Kinetic)... and more hot air, now there are idiots spreading rumours that the bone has 2x gpu, total powa for 10 Teraflops...

At Sony. stop it! WE don´t need anything M$ has.. seriously. noone gives a fuck about the Eye Toy, it was fun back with the PS2.. THE END!

Ritsujun1449d ago

[email protected]'s "not scared of moving forward". Try harder, brat.

SilentNegotiator1449d ago

"Hello? Is anybody out there?"

That's probably what the Ps4 camera is going to be saying when playstation gamers vote with their wallets against buying a camera.

RyuCloudStrife1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Nobody cares about saying ON to a console. If they want me to buy the camera its simple... make a good game that utilizes it.


killcycle1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

If the command for turning your PS4 on is "Ps4 ON"

Then what happens if say i'm having a conversation with a friend in my living room where the ps4 would be and i say something like
"today i went to turn the PS4 ON to charge the controller"
will it accidentally turn on every time because that would piss me off!

Ryto1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I can't think of anything worse than shouting at my console to do things for me, one of the reasons I have never cared for kinect. Genuinely do not have, and will never have any interest in features like this.

But. If its there, I'm sure some people with enjoy screaming at inanimate objects, so lets do it sony!

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nooneknows1450d ago

Truth, I don't care about voice control. Its good to have the option.

mark134uk1450d ago

i dont want voice control - i have kids :)

scott1821450d ago

That's what I am hoping for....

gta28001449d ago

That bundle would be fuckin sweet for that price. Im wondering if I should wait and see if this bundle gets announced for the U.S.

Insomnia_841450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

In this issue of PLAYSTATION: The Official Magazine, in an interview with the person who made the PSEYE, he said: " in a near future you could turn on/off the PS3 just by saying "PS3 ON". This was 2007, they just never decided to do it but it could. Microsoft now is trying to make this look like their own invention and innovation same with the "no controller needed" crap with kinect, everything Kinect related is a copy from the PSEYE, what kinect does, the PSEYE can do too, but we already know MS, they hype a fart and try to convince you their fart is special like none other and makes a CLOUD with INCREDIBLE POWER that somehow will make your life better.

Tuviejacalata1450d ago

Lol. They could, they should... They still didn't do crap... They could have done online in the ps2 too.. . Didn't push for anything...
Good, that now, they want to follow xbox initiatives so that little fanboys like you can also enjoy the experience.

AngelicIceDiamond1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

@Insomnia So far MS is ahead of Sony when it comes to "motion control" just look at Kinect I and how much it sold.

"Microsoft now is trying to make this look like their own invention and innovation same with the "no controller needed" crap with kinect, everything Kinect related is a copy from the PSEYE,"

Wow, all MS is doing is expanding on an idea that was brought in by Nintendo a long time ago 1989 to be exact.

Sony wasn't the grand creator of motion tech in games. Sony and MS are expanding on old idea's MS just got it right as well as Sony with Move.

"makes a CLOUD with INCREDIBLE POWER that somehow will make your life better."

I got no comment for that. Just your typical everyday run of the mill fanboy statement there.

AngelicIceDiamond1450d ago

Disagree with no argument? I guess I win this debate. I win you lose

And I'll keep winning.

DragonKnight1450d ago

@AgelicIceDiamond: "just look at Kinect I and how much it sold."

Due to bundles, not on its own.

Hicken1450d ago

@Angelic: Kinect sold because, for a while at least, you couldn't even find a 360 without one. That aside, sales doesn't equate to the best offering. The Move is far more precise than the Wii, even with Motion+, but it hasn't sold anywhere near as much as the Wii. Battlefield and Killzone both display better tech than Call of Duty, but... well, need I say more there?

Sony didn't create it, but the EyeToy was a more serious effort than the Power Glove. Less ambitious, more focused, and better support. And the Kinect is nothing like the Power Glove, and EVERYTHING like the EyeToy. If anything, the Wii and Move are more in line with the Power Glove, due simply to their concepts: physical controls along with motion controls(Power Glove= Wii, Move), versus full motion controls(EyeToy=Kinect). I know you don't want to admit it, but in this respect, MS copied Sony.

As for the cloud, admit it: Microsoft touted it as a wonderdrug, of sorts, for the XB1. Yet as time goes on, we find it's doing nothing particularly new in gaming. And that's whenever they decide to divulge some info about the cloud. Somehow, despite all the evidence to the contrary, you fanboys STILL think the cloud will boost the XB1's power; you STILL think that Azure- which is designed for businesses and is already being used for that purpose- will be for the exclusive use of the XB1. You keep running with the "300,000 servers" line, oblivious to the fact that no one's been told whether they're all physical, or virtual, and that there IS a difference between them.

The FANBOY thing is to blindly believe what ANY company says without solid evidence to back their words up.

Which is what you do.

Sony folks... well, there's plenty of evidence to back up any claim Sony makes.

So who's a fanboy?