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Submitted by RexFury 891d ago | opinion piece

Request: Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 to star in Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS

Sam Hewitt of Level Complete requests to have Bayonetta and Wonder Red be added to the latest Super Smash Bros roster. (3DS, Super Smash Bros., Wii U)

_QQ_  +   891d ago
listen sir, maybe wonder red as it is a nintendo IP,but why would they put bayo in just because she has 1 exclusive game on Nintendo?
reploidmega  +   891d ago
That's the requirement that third parties have to meet to be eligible for consideration; they have to have at least one game on a Nintendo console.
Snake has had them.
Sonic has had them.
Mega Man has had them.
And now Bayonetta has had them.
Soooo, there ya go; she's eligible. Not likely, but eligible.
KimikoGaming  +   891d ago
Well also, if you look at the 3rd party characters, they have had a significant role in Nintendo's history... Well... Not so much Sonic...

But Solid Snake is from the Metal Gear Series. This series started on the NES and was, at least I have heard that it was, a pretty popular game.

Mega Man started on the NES, and the Mega Man games were also some very popular NES games that generated a lot of sales, especially in Japan. Also, you could probably attribute his appearance with the fact that Nintendo and Capcom are doing a Collaboration game.

As for Bayonetta... I could see her being in there to mark Platinum Games being saved by Nintendo, and possibly even becoming a second party developer for Nintendo. She could be very likely for that reason. However, since Nintendo develops family friendly games, Bayonetta's appearance would be a bit Risque, and might not be appropriate for younger audiences. That's not to say Bayonetta can't be in there, but if she does end up in the game, don't expect her personality to be in there.
RexFury  +   891d ago
What reploidmega said and Hideki Kamiya said he would like to also release the original Bayonetta on the Wii U as well.
die_fiend  +   891d ago
Didn't hamiya tell smash fans to go f**k themselves? Doesn't sound like this will be happening
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   891d ago
Lets see psabr added big daddy just because of exclusive content,bayonetta has a whole game exclusive to nintendo and published by them aswell yet she cant join smash bros,seems legit.
_QQ_  +   891d ago
PSABR was a marketing fest, Sakurai already said third party characters would need a rich gaming history and pretty much need to be as iconic as Mario. I don't see what people don't get about that.
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Darkfist  +   891d ago

You mean like wii fit trainer.
_QQ_  +   890d ago
Wii fit trainer isn't a third party character......
jcnba28  +   891d ago
Bayonetta could work, she could have the physics similar to zero suit Samus.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   891d ago

I can't argue with your logic,
because your idea seems logical and prudent-


There is something I don't like about your idea. (Don't look at my Avatar, it holds no clue).

(Translation: I agee with you but I have a bias. And I would fume at my TV if Zero-Suit was so close but so far...)

Deja Vu
3-4-5  +   891d ago
Wonderful 101 should have been like Smash Brothers anyways.

They went the wrong route with it.

But instead of 2D, you could rotate the cameras around 360 degrees and so the levels would be fully 3D ( not 3DS type of 3D, like Mario 64 3D.)

They already have 100 characters, yet we can't use them individually as JUST THEM, we have to group them all together into a dumb fist and stuff.

They missed the mark on this one, just like Project X Zone. That Game with all those characters, could and should have been epic , and it should have been an actual game too.

I see so much potential in these games and better ideas never get realized. It's like they aren't THAT creative, they just think they are.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   891d ago
Everybody knows that psabr was a marketing fest,but bayonetta should still have a chance,her new game is exclusive to nintendo,its published by nintendo,platinum has talked about becoming a nintendo only developer,and some people want to see her included,besides if we can get weirdo characters like wii fit trainer in,why not get a character that is becoming a part of nintendo history and is actually wanted,besides solid snake was always seen as a ps character yet he was included,though that was mostly because kojima begged for his inclusion.
ritsuka666  +   890d ago
I really hope they put Reggie Fils-Aime in this game.

Signed up the petition for this people.
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reploidmega  +   891d ago
He's not the only one!XD
Still doubt it will happen, though. Mega Man was a super special case this time around, and they've stated that they have no desire to allow many third party characters this time around.
Shnazzyone  +   891d ago
STOP IT! They will add who they will add. does anyone understand the amount of balancing involved in just adding one new character? this guy seems to think you can just throw in things. Stop trying to make brawl get delayed!
Kalebninja  +   891d ago
shut up the game is about its variety of characters not how perfectly balanced it is the majority of ppl who play smash dont care about that and the game getting delayed would be a good thing
RexFury  +   891d ago
@Shnazzyone Erm. I am allowed to voice my opinion on my site. Besides, Brawl was released 5 years ago.
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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   891d ago
I thought bayonetta was confirmed,you got my hopes up,LMFAO.
RexFury  +   891d ago
I do apologise :)
Kalebninja  +   891d ago
i've never played bayonneta but from what i've seen it would be cool if she was in smash
Studio-YaMi  +   891d ago
They probably should,both unique & fresh franchises that could be awesome to fit in the Smach Bros world.
Oneirous  +   891d ago
All you cheeseballs just wanna see her bodongadongs in action, and you know it. -.-
No thanks. I don't want overrated characters from mediocre games in Smash Bros. Bayonetta was garbage as are all of the games that come from Platinum Games.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   890d ago
garbage you mean like your game donte,lmao
Venox2008  +   891d ago
i want those two and Travis Touchdown
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   891d ago
If Platinum goes 2nd Party-

Nintendo should add one of their characters just for-
-Advertising of those games and Providing Information about the content of those games.

Things like-

-The Character's move-set and the Character's trophy,
-The Character's game-related Trophies
-And the Data Summary about the Trophy

-Would cast more light on those Nintendo/Platinum game's Visuals/Art style, Game play, and Narrative.
Dravidian  +   891d ago
While I'd love to see Bayo in smash, there's only so much she can be toned down before she's not Bayo anymore. If they'd have to tone her down too much, I'd prefer that she be an assist trophy since they'd only have to tone her down a little.

Wonderful 101 could work perfectly though. The only questions are if you want a single wonderful one (Wonder-RED), a team where you switch between them, or a team where they're all out. I mean the entire games about teamwork so it might be a bit odd to have just wonder-red.
Dravidian  +   890d ago
I take back what I said about Bayonetta not fitting in

Folezicle  +   885d ago
Wonder red still has a chance, however beyonetta I doubt

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