Reminder: Check the Playstation blog tomorrow

"Check back here on the PS Blog next Monday, April 14th 2008, as we have a very special surprise in store for you! See you next Monday!"

+ Posted by Brandon Laurino // Konami Online

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Palodios3897d ago

I could have sworn it was on the 15th?

Tomdc3896d ago

its 14th now and has been for the last 11 hours as far as im concerned! so that means its like 4 in the morning in america? what time are they going to put it up?

TheHater3897d ago

I wonder what that special surprise is. Could it be HOME?

sonarus3896d ago

Its the konami guy so my guess is its MGS4 related

St03896d ago

It'll probably be MGS1 available for download from the PSN Store on thursday

Elvfam5113896d ago

ahh man don't say that

that be so freaking amazing i will love it omg i definitely going to buy that

mugoldeneagle033897d ago

Free MGO Beta?
Special pricing?
Kojima Q&A?
What more are they holding off on?

supremacy3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

well if you read below it says konami, so.. im guessing something relating to MGS maybe? Posted by Brandon Laurino // Konami Online

any way tomorrow i suggest if your going to download the store, i think you guys should wait past 12 and than do so, as it will be back up and running than thats what ill do, you know one download and off to touring this new store.

no need to get desperate man who am i kidding, but yeah ill wait til 12 or something to fully download this update.

now i just wished this new store came with at least a new trailer orf resistance 2 or anything with interview video relating this or MGS4,killzone 2 and any others. now that would totally make my day ill say.

oh i almost forgot and at least a dozen 3rd party oriented psone games would be nice, heck mega man legends, strider 2, street fighter alpha 3, final fantasy 7, the legend of dragoon (sony) battle arena toshinden, man i could name many but thats another story for another day i suppose.. but yeah this will be icing on the cake for me, i guess until home.

meepmoopmeep3897d ago

definitely checking the blog tmrw.

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The story is too old to be commented.