Stop linking violence to video games

Vyralize: Can we just leave it at that, please? No? Alright. Let’s dig into this most recent controversy involving gaming with the tragic shooting that an 8 year old committed towards his 87 year old grandmother.

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mcroddi1907d ago

It's funny how quickly games get blamed every time something happens.

nosferatuzodd1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

its called a scape goat don't blame the real problem in society just blame video games its easier and every drone who watch it will believe

Mikeyy1906d ago

This article is spot on. Its the parents bad parenting and nothing more.

Its not a video games fault
Its not the guns fault

The kid is a psycho and got that way because he was raised that way.

deep_fried_bum_cake1906d ago

It's not always the parents. My brother is a cruel, violent piece of s**t and it's nothing to do with how my parents raised him, he's just not right in the head. That can be an issue as well.

Bigpappy1906d ago

The only person at fault is the person causing the violence.

Withdreday1906d ago

There are ways to control it though. In my grandfathers day, they'd ship you off to boarding school if you got too violent or aggressive in school or something.

In many ways, parenting has gone soft.

deep_fried_bum_cake1906d ago


My brother was put into a residential school where they are supposed to help people like him but he just came out worse than he was before.

Parenting hasn't gone soft, social workers (99% of whom know nothing about children, mostly because they don't have any of their own) get too involved and put blame on parents. In their eyes it's never the children's fault.

My niece when she was four started saying that people around her were hitting her, not realising the consequences (which she sure as hell does now) and the response of the social work was that four year olds didn't know how to lie.

Withdreday1906d ago


But you know why it didn't help, right? Not enough discipline and too much coddling. That's where most of the violence in people come from, thinking they can get away with almost anything with minimal consequences. The parent is ultimately responsible for that mind set spiraling out of control. They can't get a 100% free pass because just because some people are born messed up. That's something they have to work to detect though. Keep in mind also that what a child are exposed to can be a major influence as well. In this case for instance, the kid had super easy access to a firearm and he was playing a game that's for gamers 17+. You can't tell me that isn't lazy parenting.

The type of naturally violent person you're talking about it extremely rare anyway, so that's not a good graph to measure all children by. The environment affects things as much as anything else in these cases, and if the parent is creating a atmosphere for such behavior to fester, then yes, they are indeed partly liable.

Why you might ask? Because if they can't get a hold of them at a young age, then who will? (you probably guessed it, No one).

That's why good parenting is so important.

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just-joe1906d ago

First it was comics, then heavy metal music, now it's games. There's always gonna be a scape goat to excuse bad parenting or not giving someone the proper attention to what your kid does.

skydragoonity1906d ago

I started my gaming life in the early 90's. My 1st console was a nintendo family com,my 1st game was wild gun man. Since then till now i have played so many violent video games yet i haven't killed anyone. Am i abnormal?

Withdreday1906d ago

The video game industry doesn't have lobbyist like the gun industry does which is why they're so quick to say gaming is the real problem every single time.

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