Next-Gen Will Be All About Lens Flares, New Screenshots From The Latest CryEngine SDK

DSOGaming writes: "Two weeks ago, we informed you about the release of the SDK for the latest version of CRYENGINE. Naturally, modders/artists/indie devs decided to take a look at this SDK and came up with some pretty… well… bizarre results. And from the looks of it, it seems that next-gen will be all about lens flares and some ‘in-your-face’ particles effects. Yes yes, some modders overused those effects in the following shots, but it’s pretty clear that every damn engine now supports those anamorphic lens flares."

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user74029311878d ago

not true. its all about multifuctionality, bigger games, gddr5, and ps4.

malokevi1878d ago

Lens flares piss me off when they are overdone. I've been seeing it in a lot of the next-gen previews. Dying light... Forza...

TONE IT DOWN! I don't wan't to feel like I have to squint while I'm playing videogames.

christian hour1878d ago

Absolutely hate lens flare when it's not meant to be there.

If you want to give the impression your game is being viewed through a camera, how about you get the optics correct first, and have it simulate lens flare correctly, not just as a shiny effect to throw on everything, but physically simulate the lens flare, otherwise don't bother.

Here is how you do camera optics right

Hellsvacancy1878d ago

Lens flare was the only thing I didn't like about Max Payne 3

thetruthx11878d ago

Oh you don't like realistic sun rays then

malokevi1878d ago

Go outside, stare at the sun, and tell me if it looks like you're looking at it through a piece of glass. It doesn't. I work with game developers, and they scoff at overdone lens flares as much as the next guy. Look at all the comments preceeding mine.

Tell me that you're the only one who knows what the sun looks like.

PersonMan1878d ago

Christian Hour: Thank you for posting that video about Wall-E. That was a really cool documentary.

Irishguy951878d ago

I like the use of it in FFXV. It's an effect when his crystal weapons come around him when he's locking on to a teleportable object. Just suits the effect alot I think

christian hour1877d ago

no problem PersonMan, Wall-E is always a spectacle to behold, goosebumps every time.

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stragomccloud1878d ago

I think GDDR5 does what you think it does. By the way, GDDR5 has been standard in GPUs since 2010, but haven't been used for motherboards. I wonder if you know why?

christrules00411878d ago

GDDR5 has latency. But the bigger issue there is if you have a PC, the CPU and GPU are both trying to take data from the BUS which loads the data from the RAM they can only access 1% of that data. The PS4 has unified memory so both can take data at the same time which effectively counters the latency(delay).

The PS4 has had Destiny freeze up a bit and AC4 Black Flag crashed. But Killzone: Shadowfall ran at 30fps with not 1 frame dropped during Sony's initial reveal. Plus we see live gameplay demos running on PS4 dev kits that work just fine. If they were having issues with the latency on the GDDR5 it would show in all there games. It literally wouldn't make sense for this game to work and this game not to because they are running on the same hardware. It would be a coding problem that caused some of those crashes.

That just goes to show how delicate the coding is and how important it is that it gets done right.

stragomccloud1878d ago

It still doesn't change the fact that being X86 architecture, developers should be able to optimise the games right out of the gate. Killzone looks and runs great because of expert use of smoke and mirrors.

PersonMan1878d ago

I don't remember Max Payne 3 having lens flair. Hmm.

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iamnsuperman1878d ago

I guess this could mean we start moving away from the brown smudge shooters but lens flares. I feel the gaming industry takes too many cues from the movie industry which the gaming industry then runs into the ground so no one can use it again.

Foxgod1878d ago

I like the sun, but i dont like to stare directly at it.

Campy da Camper1878d ago

Not a fan of the sun. Give me 65 degrees and mostly cloudy any day with nights in the 50s.

Winter is coming.

CocoWolfie1878d ago

i like this gen the most, it allows games to go the full limit, with games this gen saying they held back because they had to..

JunioRS1011878d ago

Lens flares, IF they are properly rendered. I've seen ugly flares that are too over the top.

Just focus on making games pretty over all. Don't dilute the other effects by shoving one graphical asset down our throats.

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