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Gameloft’s Asphalt series debuted way back in 2004, and while each game is an improvement over the last nothing has resulted in the franchise becoming revolutionary. Asphalt 8: Airborne is no different, but it’s hard to deny the ridiculous nature and fun that the game can provide to fans of mobile racers.

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bub161901d ago

hmmm im not impressed with this game one bit!

It looks kind of blurry on my nexus 7, the layout menu is awful to navigate and i think the game just runs like poop

bloodcell1901d ago

And don't forget you really can't progress unless you spend real cash.. It was a dumb mode on what could have been a good game sick with 6&7.I'm really disappointed. People are giving it 5 starts after playing it for 10.wait til 3 days later

jairusmonillas1900d ago

I love the graphics on my S4, it's definitely an upgrade to the previous. It's also cheaper only $1.

If you are complaining you can't progress that just means you are not a gamer if you can't even collect stars lmao its so easy.