History Lesson: Sonic The Hedgehog

Once upon a time Prince Charming, A.K.A. Sega pres Hayao Nakayama, eyed up the prince of his neighbouring kingdom, Nintendo, and decreed that he wanted a princess to match his rival's bride, Mario. All his one true mascot would have to do is fit into a chunky plastic loafer, commonly known as the Sega Mega Drive.

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DivineAssault 1927d ago

i loved the 2D sonic series.. Still do but after sonic adventure came to dreamcast, i just didnt like it as much.. Shadow? Big the cat? smh..

LOL_WUT1927d ago

Agreed, I prefer to 2D ones. Hopefully SEGA and Nintendo can do him justice. Sonic all the way! ;)

dcj05241927d ago

Only bad ones are SONIC 06, and half of unleashed. I enjoyed Sonic Hereos and Shadow The Hedgehog. The non-colors wii ones were enjoyable too.

Williamson1927d ago

Sonic is probably my favorite video game character of all time. Ive played a lot of Sonic games and the only one I truly hated was Sonic 06, I even enjoyed Shadow the hedgehog.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1927d ago

sonic was better on its own home consoles.