3DS Weekly Deals: Legend of Zelda: ALBW Preorder $35.99, Naruto Powerful Shippuden $19.99 & more...

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edgarohickman1906d ago

Great list, just pre-ordered Legend of Zelda.

Apollo11906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

This deal will end soon.

andrewsimons1906d ago

Just a little question: If I don't care about 3D, Should I get a 2DS? or 3DS still more comfortable and better design?

Scatpants1906d ago

You cant close a 2ds. That alone would be enough for me to pick the 3DS. I have the XL and its great.

innocentrebel1906d ago

Scatpants has a point, without the clamshell design the 2DS is a hard sell. You will likely be worried a lot about either screen being scratched.
I too have the 3DS XL, and was a previous owner of the regular 3DS, and I enjoy the 3DS XL much more. I have large hands so it does feel better in my hands, original 3DS my hands would cramp especially if using the d-pad, and the larger screens on the XL are also great.

Cheaper price for the 2DS is attractive, but I personally haven't held one and you'll definitely need screen protectors on that bad boy. Maybe your local Best Buy or Target will have one for you to test out in electronics. My Target had the XL which is what convinced me to buy one. Best of luck finding the 2/3DS for you!