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Bart Robson, Thunderbolt writes:
2011′s Battlefield 3 had the less-than-subtle duty of going after… well, Call of Duty. It was positioned to combat Activision’s ludicrously successful console push, taking the same strategy of “let’s take a classic PC shooter franchise and translate it to consoles.” For the most part, it worked - Battlefield 3 on 360 and PS3 was an admirable effort that saw the large scale action of the series mostly intact on the populist platforms.

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FrigidDARKNESS1907d ago

There you have it folks the x1 version looking fantastic with tons of detail can't wait to get my copy.

Bolts1907d ago

Microsoft would score big if they can crank out native 1080p on this game while the PS4 can't.

NarooN1907d ago

You're absolutely delusional if you think that would happen. Console with the weaker GPU having a higher res than the console with the stronger GPU?

Does not compute.

In the end, both console versions won't blow anyone away, but will look a lot better than the current-gen versions, and the PC version will obviously look the best overall.

testo61907d ago Show
VaporCell1907d ago

Xbox One? lol, It's confirmed they are running on PCs.

FrigidDARKNESS1907d ago

PC running xbox one dev kit source code same thing nothing different.

Next event im going to be sure that a thread gets posted on ps4 running on pc like they were at Gamescom.

MontyQ1907d ago

cliffy b had my luvvvv xhild

Stuntz1907d ago

so there is is confirmed X1 BF4 looks just as good as PC.. What is the PS4 fanboy excuse now?? im waiting damn trolls STFU!

spaceg0st1907d ago

Are you fucking retarded dude? Sounds like it.