Why Nintendo Power Had the Best Reviews

How Nintendo Power unknowingly set the bar for how to review a game properly.

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admiralvic1928d ago

Someone clearly doesn't read or know of Famitsu...

Moncole1928d ago

Clearly someone doesn't know what an opinion is.

jrbeerman111928d ago

i know of famitsu but I know I can't read it.

This article was a good read and agree with most of it

dbjj120881928d ago

Guessed he was the letter writer as soon as he posted a pic.

Critical Mass was a great idea, but why not learn the preferences of the reviewers on your favorite site by... I don't know, reading their reviews a lot?

310dodo1928d ago

Read the article.
really love where the author went.

I enjoy Game Informers score system personally, but it has become obvious that they give out way to many 10s/9.75 scores now adays.

It would be nice to see reviews that are discussions between multiple gamers as well.