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Digital Spy: "Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare's first next-gen outing, follows on from the events of the first two Dragon Age games and sees the world of Thedas at war.

When a tear opens in the skies that sees demons pour out onto the earth below, forces that could fight them off are too busy with their own problems.

So it's down to the Inquisition - a group you'll be charged to lead - to find who is behind the tear before it's too late.

While you're not beholden to any faction, it's your job to gain influence in Thedas's diverse landscapes, which is explored through a new open-world setting."

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potedude1901d ago

I loved DA origins, played that a LOT. DA2 wasn't too bad, I know lots of people hated it but this game realised in an open world could be amazing.

Looking forward to it...

savaroth1901d ago

Loved DA origins, but it was clear that da2 was a rush-job. There were certain points in the game where I was tempted to eject the disc and break it in two out of pure frustration of the "story telling".

Not sure if the "open world" thing is going to make the difference. There are plenty of open world games. What makes or brakes this new Dragon age will be the story behind it.