Blacklight Retribution Gameplay Video From PAX Prime 2013

Skewed and Reviewed have posted some gameplay video of their time with the Playstation 4 and Blacklght Retribution. The game is a download only but is a very hard game to play on the console.

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christrules00411930d ago

Looks like that guy doesn't play too many shooters and just got his butt whooped. Lol

snipab8t1930d ago

Why must everyone who is at these events always suck at games?

first1NFANTRY1930d ago

i know right!? it's like they enjoy getting their ass handed to em. It's quite shameful to even call yourself a gamer and be filmed sucking so bad.

thechosenone1930d ago

poor guy at least he tried. lol what's important here is the footage and I have to say the movements and visuals look a lot sharper than the IGN demo they gave a couple of weeks back.

malokevi1930d ago

Yeah, it's painful watching people at E3/Gamescom/Pax play... I just wanna jump through the screen, kick them in the face, and grab the controller.

Every time I see this game I get the impression that it's so bland. Obviously it's ported from the PC/previous gen console versions, but still. Yuk. After seeing demoes for BF4 and Titanfall, it's hard to take this game seriously.

But then it's free, so you can't really complain.


doesn't it make you wonder though, watching them play how many of these journalists are hardcore gamers. i mean watching them they all seem to be shit at actually playing games.

and if thats the case, i think it kind of explains some of the scores we see them give games.

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BlingBlaine1930d ago

Yes im skipping blacklight and putting my money/time into planetside 2 on ps4. Might even spend a little on warframe, but NOT blacklight.

cyclindk1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I agree with yal, but I just thought of something.

Controller position in relation to my body and being able to adjust things is SO important for me, I don't think I'd do very well in these environments either.

I need controller resting on my abdomen, usually on a pillow as well to adjust its height, have to have perfect aim sensitivity and I need to be a certain distance from the monitor/television.

Standing "erect" like that, and if the controller was attached/fixed to something, would suck.

Don't really realize these things until I try playing in some other environment without all the conditions set, that's just many though. My friend plays like a mile away from his TV, in an uncomfortable chair, like two feet below the direct line of sight of his screen with no back support...


thats also a very good point to consider

cyclindk1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Yeah, I always just watch the gameplay and go, "god these guys suck who try these games," which may be true, but imagine the control configuration and environment on top of that.

They usually have good screens to play on, they need comfortable, ideal playing environments too to show it off properly.

Jovanian 1930d ago

Or maybe a controller is a terrible input method for first person shooters

thechosenone1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Nah you can tell this dude isn't much of a gamer, just look at the Dying Light(& AC4) vids that he submitted on here...running into walls, couldn't jump properly, awful instincts and kept getting lost. It's not a big deal but to put the blame on the DS4 is really unfair.

jaixvx1930d ago

Nothing wrong with the controller..this dude sucks. its obvious he hasnt used a duel shock before looking at his hands to push the L1 button.

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