Kent Hudson on The Novelist, creativity, and going independent

WWC: "The Novelist is a brand new indie game by Kent Hudson through his one man studio, Orthogonal Games. After having worked on numerous big budget titles in the industry and feeling creatively frustrated, Hudson decided to try his luck and went completely independent. The goal of his first project is to create a game where a player’s choices matter to the narrative and help shape its outcome. The game centers around the character Dan Kaplan, a novelist who is struggling to keep both his family and career from falling apart. Players take on the role of a ghostly presence whose goal is to help the family become whole again by guiding them through the difficult choices that we all make in our lives.

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Kent, and were able to ask him some questions regarding his game, inspirations, the current state of indie games on consoles, and where he plans to go next."

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christian hour1930d ago

Oh man I only just heard about this game for the first time now, but I want to play it right away. Saying that, I hope Kent takes his time with it, and would be a welcome addition to PS4's indie line-up. Sony, give this man a dev kit!