Assassins Creed IV PAX Prime 2013 Gameplay Video

Skewed and Reviewed have posted two gameplay videos of their hands on time with the latest Assassins Creed game during their time at PAX Prime 2013. The gameplay shows the naval combat aspects of the game and the great graphics.

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Red_Devilz1905d ago

No naval multiplayer combat is a BIG deal breaker for me.

christrules00411905d ago

The devs were actually asked why there wasn't naval multiplayer. The issue with it is that developers have to synchronize every single wave from every console to console. Otherwise stuff like you can't see this ship through a wave and that ship can see you so he just shot you over the wave when it would look like he shot you through the wave with his cannons.

It's hard enough for them to synchronize ground games.

In AC3 my biggest letdown was we couldn't actually explore on the naval missions. I can't wait to play this one though.

Red_Devilz1905d ago

Thanks! Thats was helpful.

+1 bub

gamewizard991905d ago

Hopefully, they can find a solution even if it means some dlc later on. Naval battles would be epic, hasn't Battlefield 4 got waves that appear the same to each player. If so, it shows it is a feasible idea.

Campy da Camper1905d ago

Agreed. AC3 was sooooo boring save the naval battles. That is what I'm most excited about in the next installment. What really killed the vibe in 3 was all those damn "follow this guy around for an hour and make sure to get hung up on every light socket so he goes out of range and you have to start over" sequences. Well, that and Connor was an absolute bore.

windblowsagain1905d ago

Thing is.

DICE have fixed this so everyone online sees the same wave, no matter where you are in the world.

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Garethvk1905d ago

Welcome, I wanted to board the ship and do some combat there but I could not get in close enough, the one time I did it kept sailing on as I was figuring out the controls.

christrules00411905d ago

AC4 Black Flag looks incredible. The details look fantastic as well. From the look of the waves to the cannons firing and smoke coming out of them. How did you like the Dual Shock 4?

alejandroelputo1905d ago

Can't wait to dive with the whales and swim underwater with some sharks :D

Campy da Camper1905d ago

Heck yea! Far Cry 3 really made me see what water mammals can be like. I'll never forget that nerve wracking feeling when I was diving for treasure and just knew a damn great white was lurking somewhere. That, and the alligators. They're reptiles, though lol

Garethvk1905d ago

I did not get to that part but I loved what I saw. So many good looking things coming, I just have to find the time around all our end of the year projects and Holiday plans and trips.

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