Titanfall - A next gen experience as revolutionary as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Mirror: Titanfall will be something very special indeed - and will make most other shooters look very ordinary

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No_Limit1929d ago

All these great previews and hands on about this game is making the wait up to March that much more painful.

Dragonborn3121929d ago

Same! Every article about the game is extremely positive.

UltimateMaster1929d ago

If this is a must have experience...
...Then why are the pre-orders so god damn low?

Dragonborn3121929d ago


I believe the reason the pre-orders are so low is because the game does not have a release date yet and is coming out in quite a while. Titanfall is also a new IP. When the release date for Titanfall is announced and the date is near I have no doubt that pre-order numbers will increase significantly and that when the game is released it will sell quite well.

ginsunuva1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )


Because it's on PC, X1, and X360.

PC players don't preorder they're smart.
X1 pre-orders are low by itself.
And no one knows this game is coming to 360, and if they did they wouldn't probably want a current-gen version made by a different team.

SuperLupe1929d ago

MS got a winner in their hands.

Majin-vegeta1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

For the time being.

Lol at the disagrees.When it does come to PS4 i'll be rubbing it in your faces.

SuperLupe1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

The thirst is real in the Sony camp.

To me this whole begging thing is like there is a huge wired fence and theres a great party on the other side.
And you have this huge crowd of people stuck on the wrong side of the fence and cant get over.

But they are just there dreaming and hoping they'll have a chance to jump over the fence and enjoy the party.

That pretty much sums up Sony fanboys and TitanFall.

badkolo1929d ago

the thing is this, once the game is timed exclusive, by the time it gets to the other console, the auroa and fun have been bleed dry already. like all timed exclusives

TekoIie1929d ago


I disagreed with you because your trying to derail the comment section and turn it into a fanboy war. Not because Titanfall will one day end up on PS4.

scott1821929d ago

It looks pretty good to me. I am thinking about it for PC but I really like the standard multiplayer shooters a lot. It just doesn't seem like my flavor of multiplayer from what I have seen...

Skips1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

"The thirst is real in the Sony camp."

Sorta like how it's been for 360 fans for the past 3-4 years. 1-2 AAA game's a year, then MS calls it a day. lol

ESPECIALLY this year after Gears Of War Judgement (Which turned out to be terrible) No AAA exclusives in sight, so they gotta play the waiting game until next gen, before they actually get to get their hands on any exclusives. : /

"But they are just there dreaming and hoping they'll have a chance"

I don't think it's a dream if a port will certainly happen...

No way EA is gonna miss out on an install base DOUBLE the Xbone's in the US, and even more so around the world. lol...

"To me this whole begging thing is like there is a huge wired fence"

We'll probably see more begging for it to stay exclusive if anything. Till that happens, I'm pretty sure PS4 owners will be enjoying Planetside 2, and Killzone SF. Games they don't have to beg for to stay exclusive. Happy gaming! :D

Bundi1929d ago

Rubbing it in the faces of people who have already played it? How does that work??

In your face!! I'm finally getting to play a game you played a year ago!! Hahahah!!
Yup, you're gonna look stupid.

AngelicIceDiamond1929d ago

@Lupe You gotta point.

But the real problem is there prejudice over a piece of plastic and are to "proud" to simply play it on PC or simply pick up an X1.

People here are pathetic because they play the pretend war. What they need to be doing is put down their dolls, stop with the "big bad company's" and start playing video games.


itBourne1929d ago

I hope it stays an Xbox exclusive, I cannot tolerate another entire generation of the CoD syndrome... The less popular this game is the better off the shooter genre will be.

Sayai jin1929d ago

@Majin-vegeta - Why would you rub something in someones face? What will the fans of Titan Fall lose or have to feel down about this game coming to another platform? Afterall, they do not own stock in the company making the game. If it does jump platform that'll just be more happy gamers.

Angeljuice1929d ago


Any Sony fan who really wants to play the game will just play the superior version on PC.
Its a shame that MS doesn't do real exclusives as if they did I'm sure that this game would have pulled in some fence-sitters.

1929d ago
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showtimefolks1929d ago

it will be very interesting to see the sales numbers for COD:Ghosts this year, many expect BF4 to outsell it and now with Titanfall also on its way, thing are getting very interesting

i fully expect it to pass 20 plus million but i would also be a happy gamer if it doesn't because COD has made FPS genre generic set pieces without a proper story and many times broken online

Shuyin1929d ago

20+ million?!
Lmao just no.
Not even if it had PS3/4 sales supporting it..

Mounce1929d ago

The only thing I refuse to acknowledge is them saying COD is 'Revolutionary'.....


colt-of-tipton1929d ago

Modern warfare was revolutionary like it or not, almost every shooter since has took inspiration from it some way .

Mounce1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

And....what about the shooters Before COD....

They just weren't 'Revolutionary'? COD didn't borrow from anyone? COD gets all the credit? COD gets all the praise as if its the first shooter ever? Half-life was nothing in comparison to COD? Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D? COD just suddenly becomes 'THE revolutionary game' as if it invented everythng? I'd consider the classics, were what was Revolutionary because they pushed the envelope through which there was little of it to begin with, when every other game of our future forever becomes an Improvement of what was revolutionary for its time, improvement from predecessors can never be revolutionary unless they push the envelope beyond normal conceivable means, or else I could even say The Last of Us is Revolutionary. It'd be very arguable but at the same time it does nothing NEW, it just does everything in its genre and category extremely well.

It wasn't Revolutionary, it became a BENCHMARK, Yes. (Because it was received strongly and catered to a means of which marked what you should do in an FPS multiplayer-wise mostly)

However....for something to be revolutionary, everything COD has done has been quite the opposite. Just because people follow through with what features COD may have used, borrowed, conceptualized, doesn't make it anything but a modern-era benchmark for FPS. COD is in no way a Revelation or Revolution.

3-4-51929d ago

The people who Reinvented the Military FPS are now doing it again, because the people who now own their old IP won't do a thing with it.

Sounds about right.

xxxsiegezzz1929d ago

Bf4 will be better than this.
This is just cod with mechs.

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NatureOfLogic1929d ago

I'm happy It's on PC and Xbox 360 so I can enjoy it without buying an X1.

skydragoonity1929d ago

Its on the 360? Now i don't have to wait for ps4 version!

CrimsonStar1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Cool , glad people will be supporting this game on all MS products , hell Titanfall 2 might come to the 360 as well ..... :D

HammadTheBeast1929d ago

It's not supporting MS that people care about. It's that this really can't be used against the PS4 vs Xbox One race when it's also on 360/PC.

scott1821929d ago

MS product lol. Micro doesn't own any parts in my PC, they are lucky to even be the operating system anymore.

lastofgen1929d ago


how in the world is Microsoft lucky to be in the operating system business??

Sayai jin1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

@HammadTheBeast - What do you mean ?It's that this really can't be used against the PS4 vs Xbox One race when it's also on 360/PC"? Used how. I thought the only way to use a game was to play it. Unless you are referring to an imaginary battle.
Just game and be happy!

@Scott - I only have an MS OS on 1 of my 4 PCs and 1 laptop. I went open source years ago. The parts in your PC don't need to be an MS product, but as you mentioned the OS belongs to MS so without it you couldn't play this game.

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ape0071929d ago

the original IW = Magic

Call of duty almost died after MW2, the same thing that happen to Medal of honor after allied assault(same IW guys)

so to the group of people that made, MoH allied assault, CoD1, CoD 2, CoD 4, MW2 and Titanfall, i congratulate you people, you are legends

slapedurmomsace1929d ago

No shit..I had no idea they were behind Medal of Honor AA. The certainly explains a hole helluva alot. Thats still my fav MOH game. Very cool to know.

Titanfall is going to end up single handily making me buy a Xbox One when it's released. So I guess Microsoft has a system seller on it's hands.

ape0071929d ago

yep they developed it under EA but then activision acquired them from EA and made Call Of Duty 1 on pc

xxxsiegezzz1929d ago

Waste 500 to buy a one game? Just stupid.

showtimefolks1929d ago


damn some of the biggest/best titles they are responsible for

TitanFall has huge expections

HammadTheBeast1929d ago

Apparently, people get mad if you say that you're getting it on PC. Idk why.

Studio-YaMi1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

If I want the best experience .. may that be better graphics or physics(that even next gen consoles won't be a match for) then I'll always go to PC.

Since I already have a good gaming PC,there is no questions about it especially for a multiplatform game.

Anyone angry for my obvious choice is just a Xbox fanboy.

AceBlazer131929d ago

Didn't they say the xbone version would be the best thanks to the cloud? Lol I can't even think that without laughing.

Derajcan21929d ago

Can not wait! MS struck gold with this one

badkolo1929d ago

they sure did, another halo esque type gold

SuperLupe1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Yep got to give them props for striking a deal for this game. Whoever saw the magic in it before the game actually came to fruition desrves a medal.

Also it seems like they dropped Destiny exclusivity for TitanFall. I know its not the same publisher nor dev but they must have turned down Destiny for a reason. I think this may be it.

@below: It was part of the deal when MS let Bungie go that they could choose whether or not their first game as an "independant" studio would be exclusive to MS or not. There were even documents that leaked online last year with all the details of the deal. Seems like MS prefered not having it as an exclusive

ABeastNamedTariq1929d ago

What? I don't recall Destiny ever being offered up as an exclusive to either side. If so, well I stand corrected. But I'm pretty sure Bungie bought their independence to go multiplatform.

showtimefolks1929d ago


that's all the fanboy bullshit, Bungie left without any restrictions and totally gave up the Halo IP to MS

Destiny was never suppose to be exclusive, its one of those things where xbox fanbase thought because bungie has been with MS for a long time that it would be exclusive for some time

Also if Patcher is to be believed than MS paid EA what titanfall would have sold on ps4, just imagine the check that was written to EA lol.

MS said they have 1 billion in mind for exclusives, but i would love to know how much of that went to Titanfall/EA and Dead Rising/Capcom