Dragon's Crown Review (Digibytes)

Digibytes: "Dragon's Crown is a great throwback to classic Beat em' up games from the 90's. There are great classes to choose from, awesome RPG elements and tons of replay factor. The game is also a blast when played with friends. Unfortunately, Dragon's Crown suffers from a lackluster storyline, linear moments and repetitive environments. Still, Dragon's Crown is a game that should be played by Playstation 3 owners. It's a very fun and rewarding experience."

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UltimateMaster1901d ago

A definite must buy.
Especially on Vita.

clearelite1901d ago

I just got a Vita for about 130 w/ 4gb card. This is one of the first games I will be purchasing.

VersaVulture891901d ago

Sorry I didn't post about the Vita in the review. I had it on the PS3. I agree though, that is a game that would be amazing to play on the go. The levels are short that it questing while traveling seems like a great idea.

plmkoh1901d ago

This is one crazy-ass game, totally didn't expect it. For being just a 'beat-em up' one character playthrough should provide ~15hrs. After 'beating' it, the game then truly opens with raised level caping, new scenarios, missions and PvP arena.

You're looking at easily ~40hrs+

Inception1901d ago

And if you want to platinum it, you must beat the game in infernal diff, beat the ancient dragon in 4 minutes in infernal diff, or reach lvl 99. That's really insane tasks and will took you up for maybe 80/90 hours >.<

admiralvic1901d ago

Honestly, it's not. Infernal difficulty actually isn't that bad, since you start to get weapons that have tons of stats on them and that makes things a lot easier. Same goes for the ancient dragon, which I was able to down in under 4 minutes with a level 70 something knight. If you have good AI partners, damage up items and a good build... he is a joke. Level 99 is also really easy to get, but you need to spend a lot of time on a SINGLE adventure. Though if you play on infernal (score +200%), buy the blessing for beating infernal (boosts bonus points by .50% or something like that), eat food that boosts score... you can easily hit 10,000,000 xp (out of the 100,000,000 needed to cap) in an hour or two.

Oddly enough, the most difficult two trophies you didn't list. Beating the demon lord on every 9th floor in the Lab of Chaos (level 100 boss with a bunch of crazy attacks) and doing 100,000 damage. The latter can easily be done with some classes, but other classes require absurd builds to get anywhere near that.

Anyway, I was also to beat the game with every character / beat every quest / hit level 99 / beat all the difficulties / get to floor 23 or something in the Lab of Chaos / ate every food / obtained the platinum without rushing and did it in 81 or so hours... so yeah. Your number are a bit high.