Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 131 – Microsoft Xbox One to have ability to resell digital content?

Boosty from DJ Podcasts writes "This week on the Daily Joystick Podcast we discuss all the Xbox news in town, including the rumored Xbox One console launch date. We also discuss the awesome Day One edition box art that’s available for a limited time. Also, Microsoft to consider allowing games to sell their digital downloads on Xbox One to other gamers and finally we discuss the new Audio quality with Xbox One and more."

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malokevi1906d ago

I really like how they are investing big time in audio. From the sounds of things, its going to be spectacular. Helps to justify my [email protected]$$ speaker setup.

Sayai jin1905d ago

What kind of set-up do you have?

malokevi1905d ago

I'm building on it, but at the moment I have two Cerwin Vega XLS-28 towers and an SVS PB1000 sub, the towers being powered by my Yamaha RX-A830 AV receiver. She kicks out some beautiful sound :)

Battlefield 3 is tops as far as sound goes... when I play, my neighbours and family start ducking behind cover and returning fire lol.

Sayai jin1905d ago

Sounds awesome! It is very regarding when the sound is just crisp and clear. I have a few setups in my home. I'm a audiophile among other things.

I some of my stuff on this post a while ago.

Too much stuff to list. Right now, I am finishing off the curtains for my movie screen...well at least the motors for them. Never-ending...LOL

NatureOfLogic1906d ago

"Microsoft Xbox One to have ability to resell digital content?"

Worth DRM and getting screwed?

jackanderson19851905d ago

depends how it's implemented yes... the ability to resell digital content would be a game changer for both consoles and the pc market

while i prefer physical disks myself i know people who have a high percentage of their catalog in digital form and they'd relish the opportunity to sell the content on when they're done with it either 100% or just plain bored of it

malokevi1905d ago

Hell yeah. You want the benefits of digital without rights management? How about eating Caviar without Bellini? Lolz

All digital for me next gen.

4Sh0w1905d ago

Oh yeah Im going digital all the way, selling them would be even better but I tend to horde my games unless I no for sure I wont play it much again which iscrare for me and the kids.

CrimsonStar1905d ago

Ok guys , let please just down vote this guy and take away his bubbles , I'm tired of hearing his "logic".

CRAIG6671905d ago

@NatureOfLogic what are you talking about?
Sorry forgot, about my little Sony, no worries though...
Gayness awaits...

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Bigpappy1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Let it happen M$, please?!

No_Limit1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I am going to buy all my games digitally ( at least in the beginning) just in case this is true. Since pre order bonus and special editions of pre order games are also available on digital, that will make it that much easier than going to Gamestop.

CrimsonStar1905d ago

I don't know about digital copies yet . I just love looking at my giant stack of physical videogame copies .

n4rc1905d ago

I'm going all digital simply to utilize snap better..

Plus I'm lazy and hate swappig disks, and don't feel the need to look at my games on my shelf.. In fact I'd rather free up the space

Belking1905d ago

Another awesome feature of the Xbox one. Xbox won!

Stuntz1905d ago

Xbox one definitely just won! lol

Bigpappy1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Not official just yet. But if they do this, Sony and Steam will have something like it almost instantly. But that is good for all gamers. Right?

drsfinest721905d ago

idk about almost instantly... it took sony a whole generation playing catchup with simple online features like cross game chat & lets not forget trophies...

Transporter471905d ago


Cross game chat, not enough ram, the way the console was made was not made for that. Trophies I like them better then Achievements at the end I get a Plantium Trophy which is pretty badass ;). If anybody needs to play catch up now is MS.

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