Titanfall joins Xbox at PAX

Kate Yeager:

Join us as we give you an inside look at Titanfall during PAX Prime! We caught up with Respawn's Community Manager, Abbie Heppe to discuss Respawn's goals with Titanfall, Pilot loadouts and much more.

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Dragonborn3121902d ago

That Titanfall statue is awesome. I am very excited for this game.

snipab8t1902d ago

Am I the only one around here who thinks this game has bad graphics? Maybe I'm just not getting the whole concept but it really does just seem like COD crossed with Armoured Core.

n4rc1901d ago

Its the people that made cod.. Its what mw3 should and would have been..

I wouldn't say they are bad.. But the game is designed for fast smooth gameplay.. I personally loved mw2 and cod started sucking after it..

These guys know how to do this genre.. I'm very excited to play it

Animal Mutha 761901d ago

I don't think they are bad but the developer has been open about the fact that they are using a modified version of the source engine and are not employing many of the latest rendering effects and features to keep the performance up.

Very similar to what they did with CoD. Take an old engine (Quake) and modify it to provide the fastest game play whilst not perhaps the best looking.

snipab8t1901d ago

Then why the double standard, everyone hates on IF for not making a new engine yet these guys go ahead and do the same thing and nobody cares. Just to clarify I am not a COD fan I have'nt played COD since MW2.

seanpitt231901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

This is the pc version as well I wouldn't like to know what the current gen version looks like. Don't get me wrong though it looks ok but I would take gameplay over graphics any day. Lets just hope we see it on ps4 next year.

P0werVR1901d ago


It's releasing next year, so I doubt you'll see it come to PS4 next year.

I believe it's exclusive to the Xbox One until it's sequel.

If anything, I wonder why you guys are so keyed on graphics when the success of MP FPS are mainly about gameplay than graphics.

Titanfall or KZ?! Most definitely Titanfall.

CrimsonStar1901d ago

@ snipab8t
Yes, yes you are .

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Nocando1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Someone is not excited, and thats ok.

malokevi1902d ago


Thats how I feel about this game.

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ABeastNamedTariq1902d ago

I like the girl dev who's presenting it. She seems very excited and passionate for it.

Anyway, it's looking good.

n4rc1901d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.