Forgotten Memories screenshots

Take a look at some new screenshots from Forgotten Memories.

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knifefight1874d ago

What's stopping you from releasing right now?

Dinoegg_961874d ago

supposedly, later this year, but they're releasing a small episode (like a demo) in september, first for iOS devices and later for the Wii U and Vita

KrimsonKody1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Ok, have'nt seen many mannequins for a while...
Looks like they are bringing the whole "scary toddler with big kitchen knife" thing back.
(In the center of the 7th image)
Correct if you think I'm tripping, but doesn't the lower torso & light shadow combined look like Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)?
But I would still play it. I'm a fiend for horror games.

OhMyGandhi1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

looks like the developers booted up a copy of Silent Hill 2, and with a notebook in hand, went to work sketching and note-taking.

TheEvilWithin1874d ago

Is this a new survival horror game coming out for the Wii U? It looks awesome. Looks a lot like Silent Hill. Also is this an Indie game?

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