Mass Effect Foundation – The Future of the Series?

Twinfinite: Mass Effect fans, eat your hearts out, we’ve heard unconfirmed rumblings that Mass Effect Foundation is meant to set the stage for the next game. For those unaware, Dark Horse Comics has published the first issue of Mass Effect Foundation, a 13 part comic series written by Mac Walters, on July 24th.

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raresteak1906d ago

If it isn't a prelude, it will be very interesting to see if certain events and causalities in the story that were branched off based off player choices and actions are made canon.

I know the ME Universe is huge (the Milky Way Galaxy ffs) but I'd really like to at least hear about Shepard.

Megaton1906d ago

The Mass Effect comics are janky, as is Mac Walters' writing in general. The first 3 novels were actually pretty good. Get those if you're looking for good supplemental material.

Megaton1905d ago

I wish more of the novel characters had made it into ME3, but unfortunately they got a new writer for the 4th book and ruined everything. Things like that are what make me look back on ME3 so negatively. BioWare really shit the bed with the IP in several areas.

Ripsta7th1905d ago

Wow i thought they meant a new game xc, foundation sounds like the founders of the council??? I want to play the Krogan genocide story though

spartanlemur1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

After all those claims about listening to their fans, going and making a prequel is going to prove it was al PR and they didn't actually bother to take anything into account.

Nobody wants to play a storyline in a universe which is shortly going to get FUBAR.

SpideySpeakz1905d ago

True, but how can they make a sequel with that horrible ending?

spartanlemur1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

The universe isn't destroyed (in the most popular choices, control or destroy). Those two could be made canon (control might be much the same as destroy - Shephard's spirit might have vanished with the reapers, which could be the subject of a unique sidequest) and we could see a game in which humans have discovered Earth to be the only source of whatever element powered the mass relays.

So in the next Mass Effect we could see a game where you start off on dystopian Earth (made so by the heavy influx of alien soldiers after the ME3 battle).

You gather a crew to begin with, exploring new Earth locations and then (in the second part of the game) set off on the first ever ship with a built in Mass Effect drive.

You and your crew travel to various planets seeking to find what has happened to your old allies after, say, a century of isolation. Economic devastation (all those trade links destroyed) would have taken a toll. Opportunists may have become dictators. Civil war, disease etc. may now engulf Krogan, Asari and Turian.

It would be exploration-themed rather than "this is the end of the world" themed.
The goal of the game could even be to reestablish a basic galactic council.

A sequel could then arise as you find some cause which you need to rally around, the real reason you were sent out to regain contact. Maybe there are questions about the real reasons you were sent on your mission, or even grander, why Earth is the sole planet on which the element exists.

I mean, this is just an idea to illustrate that it is possible to do a Mass Effect further forward in time. Keeping refuse or synthesis canon is not a good enough reason to be forced into a prequel.