Why Ubisoft will lead the PS4 and Xbox One Generation

onPause writes:

Ubisoft used to have a fairly bad reputation in the prime Nintendo Wii era when it released its annual ‘shovelware’ titles like ‘Petz Crazy Monkeys’, ‘Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party’ or bad movie games like ‘James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game’ and other badly received titles.

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brandonw001934d ago

Can't wait for The Division. It looks amazing.

RyuCloudStrife1934d ago

Yeah me neither. Ubisoft has made a nice comeback with these games WatchDogs, Assassins Creed, The Division and The Crew.

Ubisoft looking good.

bohangirl841934d ago

Agreed! Thankfully, I'll have Splinter Cell to hold me over.

-Foxtrot1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I'm not sure about Ubisoft's direction at the minute

I mean I'm not saying their games don't look good or look appealing I'm just a little scared they are pushing too many online social interaction stuff in their games

WatchDogs has a LOT of social features
The Division is an MMO...shame because it would of been a great single player game
The Crew is online only

I mean keep this is up and half way through next gen they are going to create some fantastic games but these games...the great looking ones might end up forcing people to go online and do all this "social" stuff.

I'm not saying I'm not social...I just don't like to talk to people when I'm playing my games. I talk to plenty of people at Uni and at work, the last thing I want is to be more "sociable" when I'm sitting back and relaxing playing on my games in my free time. Some people just like to dis connect from the world.

HolyDuck1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

The Crew can be played offline, by the way.

This doesn't confirm offline but how else would you play solo: Regarding The Division.


-Foxtrot1934d ago

Then why did they lie

Honestly I can't believe what devs/companies say most of the time

gamernova1934d ago

I'm not console expert but I think ubi is pushing online and social interaction because of Sony's share button. From previous AC games exclusive content we can see that ubi and Sony have a healthy relationship. I think ubi may also do a push to make their distribution software more relevant on the Pc. I have seen sales on their digital distribution service. So this could possibly all be linked somehow.

mcroddi1934d ago

The share button fits well into their theme but Ubi will bring the same stuff to Xbox and PC. Heck, maybe even WiiU ;)

porkChop1934d ago

The Division isn't an MMO. It's uses Asynchronous Multiplayer to give the illusion of an MMO. The game does still have a singleplayer campaign.

I believe that you need to be connected online in order to play the game, but you can choose whether or not you want to play singleplayer or multiplayer. I think The Crew works the same way, but I'm not 100% sure.

mcroddi1934d ago

In fact it will have SP, as well as asynchronous and actual MP which is divided by zones in the city itself.

mcroddi1934d ago

The beauty is that all of their future games will have single and multiplayer options - if you like offline, you're all set with Watch Dogs, The Crew and The Division, but you can jump into MP or social stuff any minute you want to.

-Foxtrot1934d ago

I was thinking that but the thing is if I don't want to jump into the online stuff then I'm not going to get the most out of the game while people who do like it will.

I'd rather see SOME games focus parley on single player so the single player content is twice as long as a game with single player and an online portion. Online stuff does take dev time away from the single player. If this is what they can do when developing both then I would love to see what they could do with a pure single player experience.

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Speed-Racer1934d ago

The Crew is looking quite good. I like the open world idea. It's GTA but serious driving.

mcroddi1934d ago

IT's the entire USA! Of course it is scaled down but hey, I love the idea!

Belking1934d ago

I will be playing the division and watch dogs on my Xbox one.

BullyMangler1934d ago

what a joke article .

lets face it . . the only ting Ubisoft got that is CREATE-ive is Rayman < . . everything else is NORMAL type games that any goomba could have imagined .

Nintendo will remain on the throne < and will keep growing stronger < fact

sales wont determine shihh

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