Find out about Desmond's life post-AC3 in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Gamesradar: On the PAX Prime main stage, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Director Ashraf Ismail fielded questions from fans on the future direction of the Assassin's Creed series, the mysteries of protagonist Edward Kenway, and the fate of Desmond Miles--which may not be as cut and dried as once thought. Obviously, spoilers for Assassin's Creed III follow.

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-Foxtrot1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

You know they talk about his bloodline being so important so why don't we just play as Desmonds father now for the present sections. Surely he would want to keep going to <spoilers> stop Juno and the templar threat. He wouldn't let his son's sacrafice be for nothing. Unless the templars took Desmonds body, have managed to revive him but are keeping him in a coma-like state so they can use his DNA to dwell in the past

slimeybrainboy1902d ago

Didnt Desmond nearly die a few times because of the aniums' effect on his body? Maybe his dad's too weak or too old.

ZodTheRipper1902d ago

I hope he dies sooner than later. Most boring and useless video game character I can think of. Just make Assasin's Creed games without this Animus crap.

Eamon1902d ago

No his father is not from the Assassin's bloodline. It's Desmond's mother. So his father can't use Eagle Vision or experience the bleeding effect of an Assassin Ancestor simply because William Miles has no assassin ancestors.

-Foxtrot1902d ago


When do they say that in the game?

Well if thats the case then what about his mother. She's still alive since she spilt with William and went some where else so they wouldn't get caught

Least then it would of allowed you to see female Assassins.

LarVanian1901d ago

I might have missed out on some dialogue in AC3 but didn't Desmond mention that William is also a descendant of Haytham Kenway? I think it was while they were arguing about Desmond having to go into the animus while William didn't have to.

Eamon1901d ago

Yeah Desmond in his fustration told his dad to go in the animus. William didn't say the reason but he told Desmond that only he can access the memories.

I don't think Desmond was aware that his Assassin lineage is through his mother.

Also, if I remember correctly, you find out in the 1st person platforming stages in Assassin's Creed Revelations. It's one of the reasons why William can't use a piece of Eden because he doesn't have precursor DNA.

beezlebozz1902d ago

Personally i really liked the demond timeline and the animus stuff, yes they didnt explore desmond enough and his chracter was dull at times. But the glyphs in ac2 and the hidden messages everywhere was all part of the experience for me.

MoB211902d ago

Honestly I preferred Desmond segments over every other part off the game. Those parts were mostly the only segments with actual plot advancement. Kind of upset about the end of AC3 and how Desmond isn't the portagonisy anymore

Nerdmaster1901d ago

I played through 2, Brotherhood and Revelations expecting to see Desmond in action and what would happen in the present time. After 2's ending, I got really excited to see what would happen and how Desmond would prevent it. After Revelations, I understood that Ubisoft will keep visiting events from the past and never moving the plot forward, so I gave up on the series.

MoB211901d ago

Basically this. I gave AC3 a chance, and it was a supreme disappointment. I sped through the game and traded it in the moment I finished. Safe to say I won't be getting AC4, for this gen or next