Will Diablo III Work Better On Consoles?

Will Blizzard's Action RPG Diablo III fare better on consoles than it did on the PC?

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user74029311845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

diablo feels so wrong on pc. like it doesn't belong there. ...........................

vishmarx1845d ago

already have and its soo much better.all that shit tha stopped it from being great on pc is gone

wtopez1845d ago

With the AH gone good loot drops will dramatically increase, which is what Diablo is all about really. So probably yes. You won't have to tear your hair out on an MP10 run just to see some decent loot. Oh and no always-connected DRM.

Jaqen_Hghar1844d ago

except on the 360 and One versions
(a man jokes)

Freddy_Millz11844d ago

"Sigh"....i guess i gotta pick this up too.

*Opens wallet and watches moth fly out*

*Facepalm* Damn you vidya gaems!

JackOfAllBlades1844d ago

This Diablo, yeah probably. First 2 nope