PAX Prime 2013: New gameplay footage for Battlefield 4, Titanfall and Forza 5

New PAX Prime gameplay footage for Battlefield 4, Titanfall and Forza 5

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ABeastNamedTariq1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Dat grammar. You gave me a headache.

What do you actually mean by "not on beta"?

BehindGames1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Dice promised the fans that the game will be playable on beta build at PAX Prime, if you are following the news u ll findthat the game playable on the E3 build

so here is the proof in the video

JP13691561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Your grammar is still awful. This post alone is enough to negate any of your journalistic pretense.

u ll

wtopez1561d ago

This grammar is well. The prove is pudding.

ziggurcat1561d ago

uh... all that is in that video is 30 seconds of forza footage...

Kuse1561d ago

What Consoles were these played on?

VforVideogames1561d ago

LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was coleco vision.

Pascalini1561d ago

Wow titanfall

The first time I free run those buildings will be special I can't wait

JunioRS1011561d ago

I used to be trolling on BF4 because I thought it looked too much like BF3, but after seeing all the new camos and reading about the new reward systems and new vehicles and new game modes I must say I'm pretty pumped.

Bring it onnn

KazHiraiFTW1561d ago

I would be more excited for Bad Company 3

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