The Beauty and Brutality of Dragon Age: Inquisition | IGN

IGN: "6 exceptional new things I love about this next-gen RPG."

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RyuCloudStrife1870d ago

Fall 2014 is soo far away...

showtimefolks1870d ago

i am just glad EA is actually giving them enough time to do a true dragon age game, hopefully its totally worth the wait

i hope bioware make the same impact on next gen as they did with ME1 on current gen

RyuCloudStrife1870d ago

Yeah, I loved DA:O skipped on DA:2 though.. and many have said it was bad, this one is looking good.

KingKelloggTheWH1870d ago

Just hope that this one is worth playing, Da:O was great, but da:2 was terrible....

Heavenly King1870d ago

I want to play as the Grey Warden of DA:O.