Microsoft: Xbox Live Gold Not Needed for Xbox One TV Features

After speaking with a Microsoft representative at PAX Prime 2013, it seems at least some Xbox One functionality previously thought to require an Xbox Live Gold membership actually won’t.

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ABeastNamedTariq1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Oh really? Well that's good. It was stupid that it was behind a paywall anyway.

EDIT: I think we need official confirmation. It's still being advertised as requiring Gold on MS's site, and this rep might not be right. He didn't seem particularly informed (he called it "stuff", not features or anything similar), so he might be referring to one specific thing, that may or may not be the guide. We'll see, I guess.

MizTv1906d ago

First time for everything

slimeybrainboy1906d ago

Of course it isnt. Their not going to basically shut down your TV service untill you pay for Gold that would be insane.

indysurfn1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

there are still 81 tv features that you have to have gold for to see. Some of them are things like, video game sights, (example Facebook, twitter, youtube, Are you kidding me? I didn't know the only reason I can see those is because I have gold! I guess I will not be renewing! Blank Microsoft, blank them to heck!


P0werVR1905d ago

It would be nice if they would allow for free...but I doubt it would be, either way most of us who are going to purchase gold for it will have no issue.

gaffyh1905d ago

Who actually said the TV stuff was behind gold? It is being passed through the console, if it was blocked, people would just return the console immediately. The most stupid thing that is supposedly behind gold is Internet Explorer. Skype is also a little stupid, but that will have some sort of server load so it's a little more understandable, but IE behind the paywall is completely moronic. Hope they 180 on that stupid decision.

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iamnsuperman1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I am mega confused. Why would we have needed Gold for the TV stuff in the first place. It doesn't require any internet connection. It is just controlling your cable box through your TV like how we control the cable box now but without the One (you are literately just plugging the cable box into the one instead of your TV). I assumed it never needed Gold in the first place because it doesn't connect to the internet in anyway.

Help anyone for +helpful

edit: @below Thanks

jackanderson19851906d ago

i think it's more around the features of the oneguide (like the additional information for tv shows (actor bios and what not), what's trending amongst your friends or globally, ability to switch through the channels by using kinect and saying xbox ESPN for example... at least that's what i think they're saying

sloth33951906d ago

Xbox One not needed for TV but im sure some will if they dont have enough HDMI inputs

falviousuk1906d ago

Possibly needs a net connection to pull in the data to populate the guide

sloth33951906d ago

yeah it would just like the WiiU does it to get the guide

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THamm1906d ago

Won't the Xbox have to be on for the passthrough? I mean if someone wants to watch cable, they have to turn on the X1 then turn on the cable box? I don't like turning on my consoles if I don't have to but this kind of seems unnecessary. BTW the game controller as a remote is something that I personally don't like to do especially if more people in the house want to watch cable, and that's the prob.

1905d ago
Eonjay1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Why would you need to pay for Xbox Live to use something that you are already paying a subscription for that works without Xbox? Only a fool would let someone charge them to use something that they have already paid for. People aren't stupid you know.

DomceM1905d ago

this must be a sarcastic post... but in case it isnt...

xbox live fee charges you to use the internet that you are already paying for. So yeah, people are that stupid, and apparently there are tons of them. (xbox fans).

2cents1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Nothing is final till the day the console releases. Many like to judge, critique, point fingers and generally hate on speculations that have either been completley fabricated from assumptions and guesses which is then latched onto by the minions which is then discussed so much that people start believing that it's real. Then we have MS say something and everyone is in uproar because they don't know what to believe because everyone had been talking so much crap about their policy that it's almost impossible to figure out what's rumour and what's fact.

Bottom line, they are free to change their policy as often as they like till the product is actually ready to ship. They don't answer to us, they tell us when they are ready, just like Sony. Pay wall, no pay wall, free or subscription, it's for MS to decide where and when they need to charge based on the amount of resources they need to pump into each aspect to allow for a seamless experience via controller, gesture or voice. They decided to make a multi sensory input device and it's up to us if we want that. If the experience isnt to ones taste then just don't buy an Xbox.

The new Xbox is a new type of device, it's not trying to be just a games console. MS are really trying to synergies the livingroom experience for the gamer, this isn't a toy it's a gadget, but it's designed to be used by all types of gamers, young and old. It's sad to see so much immaturity when discussing the features and benefits of the One.

Speaking sensibly, I would love to see:

All Apps
Game DVR

Not to require a Gold Subscription.

But if MS can explain why this is so and justify the cost to them to maintain these features for us then I might be more accepting. The point is fairly mute in my situation though as I have been a live member for a Looooong time! And a PS+ member for just over a year. I see the value that is added by the subscription. Don't forget how fortunate we are thanks to the nature of these always connected consoles, things were never so diverse pre-broadband.

At the end of the day you don't have to pay if you don't want to, you can just have a games console from the price of admission, which is no different to the way it used to be. You want to experience everything these consoles have to offer then you pay the premium.

I for one will be continuing my subscriptions to both services as it adds immensely to my overall experience and enjoyment of my favourite pass time.

Edit:fixed typo

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cyguration1906d ago the minds of Xbox fanboys.

u got owned1906d ago

Sony fans are out in full force today...

On topic,

If this is the case, then good news

falviousuk1906d ago

Sadly they are out in full force everyday trolling Xbox relayed news post on here and other parts of the net

-Foxtrot1906d ago

@ falviousuk

Oh stop it...I see more Xbox fanboys on here trolling then I do with PS4 fans. The reason it looks that way to you because your an Xbox fan and you hate to see all the possitve light the PS4 and Sony are getting but the problem is people praising them and pointing out Microsoft's problems is not trolling.

SonyNGP1905d ago

In honesty, I find the endless Sony buttkissing a lot more annoying than "trolling".

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Pancit_Canton1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

So the Xbone just did the 180 and exploded with the PS4?

corvusmd1906d ago

This isn't a 180, it's a clarification of false assumptions.

Thegamer411906d ago

Its not a false assumption, if you bother to read the MS website it clearly says you need Xbox live gold for it.

stage881906d ago

Looks like you've never heard of PlayTV for PS3.
It does TV but much, much better.

whoyouwit041906d ago

play Tv only gives you 12 channels, how is that better? you do know microsoft just signed a deal with time warner that gives you all channels write.

hkgamer1906d ago


Was a decent tech for thhe time it was released.

Not everyone in UK had Sky+ and most households actually just have a freeview box. So recording TV and/or being able to watch it on PSP via remote play(I think) was amazing.

However I had Sky+ so never needed it.

Can't really comment on the Xbone features though since I don't know how US TV works.

stage881906d ago



PlayTV has 89 channels.

PlayTV also allows you to set recordings and rewind live tv.
It can record programmes while you are playing a game and saves to the HDD.
You can set recordings so the PS3 switches itself on records the programme then switches itself off.

I use it every single day.

PlayTV is light years ahead of Microsofts TV offering. It's boarder line ridiculous that Microsoft are touting that they are the go-to console for TV.

Belking1906d ago

You must have a special version play tv sucks for everyone else. Sony is getting some version or ps4 too but it will most likely be half assed knowing them. Streaming liver tv is Nona be problematic. If thy cant even get Gaikai p and running smoothly then streaming tv is gonna be much more difficult but not impossible......but this Sony so you know when they announce something you will be waiting or ever or it.

stage881905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )


I give up with you. Sony clearly have a superior product but you just can't accept it. The seething jealously that is portrayed in your writing is all too clear.

Marked as trolling.

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gaelic_laoch1906d ago

"ka-boom goes the PS4"

Right in your face baby!

jdktech20101906d ago

While the TV stuff is cool, I'm not buying a PS4 to watch TV.

Just like I won't be buying an Xbox One when Titanfall comes out to watch TV.

If it can play blurays and awesome games, that's all I need.

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nick3091906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I got an xbox360, buying x1.. But never paid for xbox live gold due to everything being inside a paywall.

dragon821905d ago

I stopped paying for it over a year ago myself. It just wasn't worth it anymore for me. Every single feature that is behind the GOLD pay wall is available for FREE somewhere else. EVERY SINGLE ONE. LOL

HolyDuck1906d ago

Not much of a TV fan but this is good I guess.

Can you stick like, a PS3/360 into the HDMI in?

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