The Top Five Songs Featured in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Games

For as popular as the THPS games were for their gameplay, there was one defining feature of each title that kept virtual skaters coming back and back for more – the games’ incredible licensed soundtracks.

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tacotruck1544d ago

So man classic songs over so many games makes it almost impossible to try and pick the top five.

NukaCola1544d ago

Learned me some NOFX from THPS.

ape0071544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

i agree 100%

THPS 1, THPS 2, THPS 3 and Underground 2 are the best in music

THPS 4 and U1 have great music too but less quality than the above

tokugawa1544d ago

the ernies here and now... tune

_FantasmA_1544d ago

That was a terrible list. The only good song on there was Superman, but I don't think its worthy of being number 1. Its over played and its too short.

Angeljuice1544d ago

Number one should be "Jerry was a race car driver" by Primus. Love Primus to death, great song.

knifefight1544d ago

Every list is gonna be different, because that's just how it is with music and, well, anything.

But for me, it's all about May 16 by Lagwagon, Superman by Goldfinger, The Boy Who Destroyed The World by AFI, You by Bad Religion, No Cigar by Millencolin, and Guerilla Radio by Rage.
Yeah most of those are from the second game. Also I realize there are 6. Aw well.

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