Video: Hands On With The 2DS | TSA

"Following on from Nintendo’s surprise announcement of their new console in the 3DS range, the Nintendo 2DS, TSA got to go hands on with the new entry-level machine, and compared it to the existing handheld devices, the 3DS and 3DS XL."

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MrMister1239d ago

Why would anyone want this? Except maybe for their kids?

Enemy1239d ago

Well, it IS for the kids. But what are they trying to say about kids when they make something this ugly for them? I mean really, it looks like an incomplete mess.

BullyMangler1239d ago

Its got a diff grip = comfier game-play differs from a 3DS.

2DS XL incoming.

poosonlad1239d ago Show
gaffyh1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I have to admit when I first saw it I was like "ewwwww", but I am warming to the design now...still not going to buy one, but not as disgusted as I was before. I'd still go for the XL if I ever pulled the trigger on buying a 3DS.

BullyMangler1239d ago

nice avatar!

I want to make shirts and trucker hats even stickers out of it . .

what is this symbol called? . .

i must have it (:

gaffyh1238d ago

It's the biohazard logo if you're serious.

BullyMangler1238d ago

yep im serious .

thanks thanks for your help.

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