Call of Duty: Ghosts Riffs Off Titanfall's Cinematic Multiplayer

Kotaku - Infinity Ward this week revealed the pre-order bonus for its upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, a multiplayer map called "Free Fall" that the developer claims will add a touch of the cinematic single player campaign to the game's deathmatch modes. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

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FullmetalAlchemist1815d ago

I think Kotaku's grasping at straws with this one. Lot's of devs are trying to add a touch of their single player cinematic's to mp. Uncharted 3 has it with their moving plane and train sequences in their multiplayer, and BF4 with the crashing skyscraper and levolution stuff.
The only similarities I see in this CoD:G multiplayer map and Titanfall is the word "Fall"

showtimefolks1814d ago

like you said this is Kotaku after-all and they look for hits, every FPS game out there is copying Titanfall now

that's just the end of it, only respawn can do anything original while everyone else is copying

hypocrite at its finest, we have a new game so everyone else will get bashed

crxss1814d ago

i have no idea why but i laughed at the COD devs explaining free fall. especially @0:22 "this idea of bring that cinnnnematttiicccc" and @0:33 "now we have levels that are "changing" constantly". just the way they said it seems like they don't even believe in what they're promoting, like it was really hard for them to lie

Insomnia_841814d ago

And I guess Respawn copied other game with that same thing and the MECHS they call "Titans" and the wall running etc?


Majin-vegeta1814d ago

So does this mean Titanfall copied KZ3 cuz it had mechs and jetpacks b4 it?

pandehz1814d ago

No it means KZ3 copied other games

mafiahajeri1814d ago

What other FPS had mechs and jet packs in MP? Yes run off to google and search for a game, hahaha!

pandehz1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )


If only google had a solution for ignorance.

SolidDuck1814d ago

Actually titanfall reminded me of kz3 and shadowrun. The shadowrun on 360, in the way that u moved. Only on crack.

pandehz1814d ago

I enjoyed shadowrun. Going through walls n all.

Mikelarry1814d ago

All i read was kotaku and clicked out, baiting clicking articles never anything positive from that site

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