Pach-Attack! - CAUTION: Console at Work

GameTrailers: "Michael Pachter determines the deadline to finish the PS4 and Xbox One."

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ala_7671813d ago

I hope this time Sony will do everything they can for the PS4 launch success... They learned a big mistake with the PS3's launch

My_Outer_Heaven1813d ago

PS3 certainly had a rocky start but Sony deserve to win next gen.

NeutralXP1813d ago ShowReplies(6)
slimeybrainboy1813d ago

I love Pachter, still can't understand the internet's venom for him. I find him permanently interesting.

skydragoonity1813d ago

If there's one thing sony did.. Its that they learned from the ps3

BABY-JEDI1813d ago

I totally agree with you. The best way to learn is from your mistakes (hopefully people will understand my point). PS4, now easy to develop. Excellent price point. Organisation more inclusive to small indie developers. Management now listening to dev's & gamers alike inclusive to actually determining the console spec design. That is pretty amazing when you think about it.
Ps I'm not on the Sony payroll LoL

Are_The_MaDNess1813d ago

13 countries* on Xbox One....... really Pach?

BlueBlood171813d ago

"If two free games a month went on forever - you would get an Xbox One"

Really Pach? Ever heard of PS+ Pach?

Are_The_MaDNess1813d ago

agreed, this month was great! Assassins Creed 3 and Jak & Daxter is really worth it. not to speak about Mafia and all the other games last month.
and a game on day 1 on the PS4 is also great. + you will still get more games on the PS4. i think its a much better deal and is a no brainer.
if you use your PS3 a few times a year, get it.

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