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GC writes - Trying to describe Saints Row 4 is like trying to describe insanity itself, because for all intents and purposes, that’s what it is. Imagine a world where anything you want to do is possible, and anything you don’t want to do is also possible. Now take that world, toss it in a blender, add some bananas (K?), a few slices of chaos, and a dash of nud-oops, all of the nudity-, sit back and hit frappé. Once this glorious concoction of gleeful violence, murder, and mayhem settles, toss in some elements of The Matrix, any superhero comic/movie, Crackdown, and Prototype, and you’ve got yourself the newest Saints Row game.

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blackmanone1902d ago

Eh, I might get some hate for this, but to me this game is a 7/10. Good game, but the city is too dark and depressing, every mission I hoped that I'd be able to get back into the "real" world where there were colors other than black, brown, and red.

The super powers were fun, but not really the caliber of Infamous or even Prototype. All the customization options I enjoyed from previous Saints games were there, but there was no reason to use any when walking/running is faster than just about every other option.

I saw no improvement over the third game, other than the superpowers, which will most likely be scrapped for the fifth game.

7/10, a good game, but not as good as its predecessor, Saint's Row the Third.

BigPappaPump1902d ago

Comparing to this, Saint's Row the Third is forgettable. The point of the dark and depressing city was to break the will of those who are imprisoned of the simulation. The writing and superpowers carried the game.

1OddWorld1902d ago

I have to give the game a 4/10 But I am biased I like GTA and this game will just never be as good. Also, didnt care to much for the story its always such a circus. Game is just not for me. Played SR3 and now SR4. Game will not receive anymore funds from me.

Anyone looking to play this game should be in the mood for GTA meets the movie Idiocracy, both are great by them selves but together can not hold your attention for long periods of time. Replay value non-existent.

Again, This is just my opinion. Its just not my kinda game.

shadowmist131902d ago

Cant be compared to gta,gta is a serious(still has its funky moments),but saints row aims to be insane,not serious.The beginning was a little slower than previous games but once your in the game you just cant stop,if someone never played a saints row game,this one will blow their minds,brains splatter and all.Oh well its not for everyone,like I lm not a fan of assasins creed.