Kotaku: The Week in Grand Theft Auto IV

Kotaku writes, "we'll be two weeks from the release date as of Tuesday, so we're starting a regular feature here, wrapping up what's been going on in Grand Theft Auto IV in the previous week. It's a warehouse for things you might have missed or, in case you see something rad and wonder if you discovered it first, checking in to see what is known, what is unknown, what's rumored and what is b.s."

"Interestingly, I got a note from my best friend from back home, Richard, who mentions he bought a PS3 and "I'm looking forward to GTA IV as well, despite the fact that I got bored with San Andreas and hardly played at all." I'm not sure we can be friends after that."

"But we are bonding over Iron Man. ("It's nice to have Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. It would be so cool if a coked-out Iron Man stumbled into some random house and passed out in a kid's bunk bed.") We set our ringtones to the old 1966 theme."

"OK, enough OT love for childhood chums. The week that was for GTA IV:"

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eagle213896d ago

Let's you know how casual GTA really is for some gamers. And why lengthy DLC is bullShi#. :)