Xbox One Vs PS4: Xbox One May Have An Early Edge Partly Because Of PS3's Amazing 2013 Lineup

By Erik Kain: Recently I wrote that Microsoft’s strong Xbox One video game lineup gave them an early edge over the competition.This is partly because Microsoft has done a better-than-expected job at getting exclusive content ready for the Xbox launch and early months after release, securing some pretty terrific looking exclusives likeTitanfall (which is also coming to PC.)

But there’s another side to the story.

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xHeavYx1902d ago

I think that the main point is that, no matter which PlayStation platform you pick, you will have an amazing lineup

Muerte24941902d ago

I think he titled it in such a way to guarantee hits. Controversy generates hits no matter how you slice it.

NewMonday1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

for launch Sony are going for quality and diversity over quantity and it is working, KillzoneSF pre-orders are more then the entire XB1 launch lineup COMBINED.

Enemy1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

"securing some pretty terrific looking exclusives likeTitanfall (which is also coming to PC.)"

Lol, what?

Multiplatform exclusive, which is also coming to PS4.

If we're now throwing timed exclusives into the mix as well, then...

Killzone: Shadow Fall (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
InFamous: Second Son (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
The Order: 1886 (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Driveclub (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Knack (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Resogun (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Helldivers (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Everybody's Gone To The Rapture (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Rime (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Shadow of the Beast (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
PlanetSide 2 (owned by Sony, only on PS4 and PC)
Hohokum (owned by Sony, PS4 only)

Primal Carnage: Genesis (only on PS4 and PC)
The Witness (only on PS4 and PC)
N++ (only on PS4)
Outlast (only on PS4 and PC)
Warframe (only on PS4 and PC)
War Thunder (only on PS4 and PC)
Blacklight: Retribution (only on PS4 and PC)
Octodad (only on PS4 and PC)
Galak-Z (only on PS4 and PC)
Transistor (only on PS4 and PC)

What am I missing?

Xbox One has NO GAMES in comparison.

Loki861902d ago

With no evidence pointing to Titanfall coming to PS4 except a random NeoGAF poster named CBoaT who dropped the ball with just about every prediction at gamescom. We'll see what happens but don't guarantee it.

L3G3ND61902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

loki, When titanfalls developer was asked in an interview of will it come to PS4 this was their reply, “Definitely not out of the question.”


black0o1902d ago

@enemy u forgot Final fantasy xiv RP only on ps3/4 and pc
and DC

thechosenone1902d ago

PS3 has too many games! Stupid Sony thanks a lot. :(

pixelsword1902d ago

Doublespeak in action, ladies and gentlemen.


@loki, CBoat only got the ps4 launch date wrong as far as i remember, which is because hes a ms insider not a sony one..everything he said about ms was right, and titanfall will be coming to ps4, just look at mass effect, EA will always go multiplat in the end especially with shooters where they have stated they want to match COD. That being said i dont think titanfall is as great as fanboys are making out and i wont be picking it up on any system

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MariaHelFutura1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Playstation supports their platforms more than Microsoft.

The reason the 360 has NO GAMES in 2013/2014 is because they're on the Xbox One.

Ryse- started out as a Kinect exclusive 360 game.
Dead Rising 3- started out as a 360 game.
Killer Instinct- pretty much looks like a 360 and there were rumors of it coming to the 360.
Titanfall- runs on the source engine from 2004 (PS2 Era) and based off of that and everything else was probably a 360 exclusive at one point.

Playstation wouldn't do that to it's fanbase.

Insomnia_841902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Word by word what she said!

Xbox doesn't really have enough (timed?)"exclusives" when you think about all these points.

SONY is with no doubt the best choice to play video games. Supporting PS3/PS4/PSV all at the same time with great exclusives.

corvusmd1902d ago

Do you even believe your own bull? You constantly troll...over and over, but never have anything important to either spit out flat out lies, or take a sliver of truth and make up supporting "facts" about it. Chill out, just don't get an XB1 it's fine, the system will be ok without you, but you don't have to just always be so negative about everything cause you are unhappy with your own life...let people enjoy gaming, I'm sorry you've become jaded. Maybe someday you'll be a gamer again, and remember it's supposed to be fun.

Respond however you wish, I'm not even gonna read it, I've seen how you are and no longer respect your opinion

from the beach1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

The point being ignored here is that Xbox 360 came out a full year before PS3, so this is actually it's 'year 8' lineup compared to Sony's 'year 7'.

Clearly games like Ryse and Dead Rising have gone to Xbox One - I actually think that's good, bring on next gen! - but we still got some nice stuff on 360 this year like Fable Anniversary, State of Decay and Gears: Judgement.

nooneknows1902d ago

Dude, please stop. We get it. Let the people who are buying an Xbox One enjoy their games.

Xsilver1902d ago

the ps devs said they could of went that route but choose not too im glad they did give me more play time with my ps3

ABeastNamedTariq1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )


Is it a lie that those games started off on 360? Is it a lie that the 360 has been pretty barren exclusive-wise while Sony is pumping (amazing) exclusives out all year? And last year, and the year before that? And so on? Is it a lie that MS moved those games to XB1 to pad their launch lineup?

Point out the lies she said instead of sounding bitter and rejecting facts.

I'm just saying. All that sounded like was complaining. Bring some substance to your opinion.

jappy1902d ago Show
Baka-akaB1902d ago

Come on now . I hate the upcoming Killer Instinct . But there is no way it looks like a 360 game .

I may find the artstyle uninspired and derivative among other issues , but its highly detailled and full of next gen effects .

If anything , after stagnating since Soul calibur IV and mostly improving its animations with 2.5d designs and deformations , it's the first signs , with Guilty Gear Xrd that future fighting games will look incredible

Loki861902d ago

Most of these engines have been entirely stripped out and rebuilt for next gen consoles. Ryse looks nothing like the first person trailer they showed 2 years ago. KI looks like a 360 game, yeah I am sure the 360 is capable of the particle effects and the lighting in this game. Titanfall was built off the source engine to achieve 60fps and then they said in their BTS video that they stripped the entire engine and kept just the basic framework.

Retroman1902d ago

@ insomnia

would not be surprised if MS kill off 360 as they did XBOX supporting a previous console seem not to be MS style.

while sony handles 3 Ps3/Ps4/PSV.....

MariaHelFutura1902d ago

People just disregard facts and resort to insults and personal attacks, when they have ZERO argument.

They try so so hard though, E for effort

MizTv1902d ago

Yeah not to happy about source and titanfall
Game looks cool and real fun but source?

jappy1902d ago Show
Enemy1902d ago

Too much truth gets you the troll label, Maria! CURSE YOU DAMN TROLL! HAVE A BUBBLE!

johndoe112111902d ago

I need to ask, to all the people saying she is talking lies and trolling, what exactly in her comment is a lie and why are people calling it trolling?

A number of people made very aggressive comments but did not make a single point to show where she was wrong. Telling someone they are lying without actually saying anything to prove otherwise is somewhat ridiculous.

I'm not looking for an argument here I'm just trying to understand the situation.

Bowzabub1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Maria, I think you just factslapped a lot of ignorant people. There is no denying that. That's gonna hurt a lot of feelings. Maybe it was just me but I think Kaz was laughing extra hard in that gif. Oorah!!

DigitalRaptor1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

@ Corvusmd

And you expect people to respect your opinion after the amount of trolling you do?

Damn Maria, you present facts and are called out for trolling. I understand you do troll a lot, but here? I could even understand if someone had responded like "yeah that's true, but I don't mind because I was playing exclusives on my PS3, so I wouldn't have had time for exclusives on the 360 too." But they resort to placing a troll label and ignoring facts. How.... expected.

1901d ago
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1902d ago
MizTv1902d ago

I wish gt6 was also coming out on ps4
It would of been a great launch game

TheFutureIsBlue1902d ago

The people who say "games on xbone are better". Ok, fine, but did everyone forget what Microsoft did? All the 180s? Almost destroyed the used game market? It would of put many people out of jobs. The lack of exclusives on the 360? Or am I the only one who remembers everything they tried fucking up?

IcicleTrepan1902d ago

The only problem with the article is that you're comparing games that are already out for 6 months now to games that aren't out yet for 2 - 4 months. That's nearly 1 year on average..

Mounce1902d ago

How does Xbox One have an edge if a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CONSOLE has an edge that doesn't belong to Microsoft, can someone explain this to me?

"A Sony Console has an amazing lineup, because of this, Xbox One will have an edge...".

WAT, No seriously. What the fuck. How about:

"PS3 has an Edge, against Next-gen consoles at launch due to its' amazing 2013 lineup" MORE LOGICAL.

omi25p1902d ago

Amazing lineup?

The launch titles for the PS4 is exactly why i cancelled my preorder.

I don't like Killzone, Knack looks boring and Driveclub is just ANOTHER Driving game.

Now am i missing something because Infamous isn't a launch title, We no nothing about The Order and every other game is either Multi-platform or indie.

I will get a PS4 but i will most likely get it as a bundle with Infamous.

But as it stands at the moment for my PS3, i have The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Infamous 1 and 2 and Uncharted 1 and 2. Thats its. Thats my entire list of Ps3 Games i still own.

X1 is comepletely different.

Im getting

Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct
Forza 5

That's not counting the fact i only play Mutiplatforms on the 360 so i will be more than likely continuing that tradition.

Also it may not be a launch title but Titan Fall beats anything shown on the PS4

Then there is Quantum Break, Black Tusks games, Sunset Overdrive, Halo and Fable Legends.

strickers1902d ago

But Ryse is looking shite(based on previews), Dead Rising has always been meh, Killer Instinct was never a great beat em up . Forza is a very good game. There are loads of better options on PS4.
Stop thinking purely new disc based 1st party.
I keep reading the same stuff from XB fans. I think you will be disappointed and showing why XB fans are viewed as the vanilla of games. No experimental games or varied tastes. Just the average

IRetrouk1902d ago

You say dive club is just another driving game and one of youre reasons for not getting a ps4 but then put forza 5 as a reason to get a x1, isnt it just another driving game?.

TKCMuzzer1901d ago

@omi25p I'm not sure who your trying to convince, us or yourself.

omi25p1901d ago

Forza is the best driving game imo. DriveClub has yet to prove itself.

Dead Rising 3 imo was the best game at E3

There have also been alot of reviews praising RYSE.

IRetrouk1901d ago

Fair points but forza 5 hasnt proved anything, ryse looks bad at mo and dead rising 3s framerate needs work, see very easy to pick holes

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pyramidshead1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Second part of the title is definitely true. Way behind in PS3 exclusives urgh, thanks for reminding me how broke I am lol.

Game4life1902d ago

me too. I'm busy with dragons crown and tales of xillia. I never even beat the last of us yet..... -_-

pyramidshead1902d ago

I've not even bought The Last of Us yet q_q

KiRBY30001902d ago

you should finish TLOU before moving on to other games.

Game4life1901d ago

the problem i have right now that i have with TLOU is it's harder to play in bursts like i have been doing. I work and go to college so my time atm is limited.

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torchic1902d ago

I know what you mean man, I'm only getting through games like Resistance 3 & Killzone 3 right now, just after I finish Dark Souls :/

but regardless of time/money/backlog I'm defo getting Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD day one, PS4 and everything else can wait!

Game4life1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )


Gimmemorebubblez1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Or perhaps Sony doesn't want to send a lot of first party games out to die against COD, GTA V, Battlefield 4, NFS:R, Gran Turismo 6, Fifa, Madden and so on and instead whats to spread out their titles evenly through-out the year????

TheHater1902d ago

Or it should be that Sony doesn't leave a Console for dead like Nintendo and MS when the announce a new console? How is them Xbox 360 support form MS and Nintendo Wii support from Nintendo this year?

TekoIie1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Or perhaps they felt that playing too many cards all at once would be counter productive to them from a business stand point?

slimeybrainboy1902d ago

I love it personally. Launch games are going to be the worst games that a console will offer. Not just visually, but they've much less time with solid specs and dev kits, and developers are still stuck in the design roots of the previous generation.

There's a reason why there's no Halo, Naughty Dog, Titanfall, inFamous games at launch. Why send a Major franchise out when there is so many major third party releases for us to play.

TheFutureIsBlue1902d ago

Agreed Gimme. Sony doesn't have to shove every exclusive out at launch. They know we are about to spend hundreds of dollars and I, for one, can't exactly buy 20 games the first few months after the PS4 comes out.

IcicleTrepan1902d ago

I'm getting PS4 at launch because I am looking forward to the F2P games. I don't really like any of the launch titles, but the F2P games and the Xbox One launch games will keep me busy until there are some good games for the PS4 a year from now.

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ABeastNamedTariq1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Ehhh I don't think so. Shows that Sony is actually supporting their platforms. Exclusive after exclusive.

I'm glad they didn't hold off on releasing their games just to pad their launch lineup.