New Releases For The Month Of September

The Tyuno Project: "What’s going on gamers! So summer is official over and school is back in session. But one thing that reminds the same are the new video games coming this month. Here are the new video game releases for the month of September. "

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mafiahajeri1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Theres only one game that truly matters in September and we all know it...

NHL 2014!!!! Heck yeah!!!

ZodTheRipper1902d ago

Actually, after playing the demo today I'm more excited about Puppeteer than about anything else in September. Of course GTA will be huge and I'll be playing it nonstop once it's out but Puppeter somehow is a different kind of awesome the demo and you'll see what I mean =)

1902d ago
claud31902d ago

GTA V all the way only for me

alphaomega881902d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on Rayman Legends and The Wonderful's gonna be a busy month!

i8urCAKE1902d ago

Retards releasing games close to GTAV date...

ritsuka6661902d ago

True... Lol Killzone will be is going to be a gargantuan flop against GTA V. I still cannot believe they're releasing 7 days before GTA5, what the hell are they thinking?

dcj05241902d ago

Should've pushed it back to late august or early October. Either way I'm picking up both.

BLAKHOODe1902d ago

And I still can't believe they are not releasing GTA V on next-gen so close to the launch of next-gen.

What strange times we live in.

ritsuka6661902d ago

Yeha, Rokstar just seem completely out of touch with the world. lol

goldwyncq1902d ago

GTA V's gonna demolish all the competition. It'll do what Bioshock Infinite did in March and what The Last of us did in June.

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The story is too old to be commented.