Where Is The Xbox One Release Date?

WC - At a special conference just before E3 2013, Microsoft unveiled their next gen console, the Xbox One. Much was made of its television and social capabilities and Kinect 2.0 was explained. Games were on the back burner, but Microsoft promised that E3 would be all about the games. Finally, the information everyone wanted to hear was the release date and Microsoft sort of complied with a window of November 2013. The bar was set for the next gen race. With Sony going second, Microsoft had a distinct advantage of being the one’s to really show off next gen technology to the public for the first time.

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The_Infected1237d ago

It's just plain stupid not announcing a release date by now.

Evil_Ryu1237d ago

yeah seriously as somebody who has a xbox one on pre order it's pissing me off.

iamnsuperman1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

When is PAX over? I thought they were going to announce it then. I guess TGS (didn't they do that for the 360) but Microsoft have never been big in Japan and they gave up with the 360 in Japan.

It is either TGS or just a press release

gameonbro1236d ago Show
malokevi1236d ago

I agree, ryu. I'm not quite "pissed" because I know to expect in in November, but I'm sick of the rumours. Its time to finalize this thing.

4logpc1236d ago

How is it stupid? Its not even September...either way you will be waiting.

DwightOwen1236d ago

It's in NOVEMBER. Whining like a bunch of brats isn't going to make the calendar speed up. Chill the fuck out.

iamnsuperman1236d ago

But when? I hope you know there are 30 days in November. They can't just say November forever they need to say an actual date at some point

wicked1236d ago

assume the 29th then if it's sooner it will be a bonus.

byeGollum1236d ago

Either way we'll have to wait. .

sic_chops1236d ago

I don't think they know at this point.

Agent_00_Revan1236d ago

After delaying in parts of Europe, I'm curious if they're scrambling to keep from having to delay elsewhere. Even if it I'd only by a week or two.