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How Infamous: Second Son Uses the PS4 Touch Pad

IGN - Gather smoke, tear open doors, and... get your hand scanned? How Sucker Punch is using the DualShock 4. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

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PositiveEmotions  +   484d ago
Idc what graig says im loving it just by looking at it
pedrof93  +   484d ago
This game looks better than Ryse. I don't know why Xbox fanboys declare Ryse as the best looking next-gen game, they even say that only Microsoft shows of their power...

They actually get eluded with some CGI movies.

Seriously ?


Have you seen the gladiator trailer ? It seems that graphics stepped back from what they show at E3.
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LordDhampire  +   484d ago
I'd say ryse looks better, come on its a crytek game of course its gonna look better
pedrof93  +   484d ago

Omg this just confirms what I've said.
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Evil_Ryu  +   484d ago
sounds gimmicky
slimeybrainboy  +   484d ago
Really? I really think this will be awesome. I can understand your reservations after the six axis gimmick BS but this seems legit. I love the two hands on the touchpad when Delsin has two hands on the enemies head, the holding of the generators while pounding with R2, the fingerscan thing.

I get that these are small things and they have to be carfeul that it's not added for the sake of it, or too often, but I love that it fits in with the actions of the characters. It actually made me more excited for next gen.
just-joe  +   484d ago
Of course is, but since Sony is doing it; it's the best thing in the world. I just hope they don't force you to use it.
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WorldGamer  +   484d ago
Lol. I go to Sucker Punch and preview one of arguably the best looking titles so far of the upcoming console generation, and I focus on a 2 second control design choice for a large portion of the video. BRILLIANT.

It was cool to know, but I don't think that much time was really necessary IMO.

Game looks great tho, might have to pick this puppy up.
buynit  +   484d ago
Maybe he was interested on how they would use the touchpad, since you know... No one is using it yet and sony hasnt said much about it?!

Game does look beautifull though.
GribbleGrunger  +   484d ago
He's under DRM at the moment. We should be seeing something new pretty soon ... hopefully. Not that I'm too bothered because this is a must buy for me.
Skate-AK  +   484d ago
LOL he's under DRM. Guessing you meant NDA haha.
GribbleGrunger  +   484d ago
LOL!!!!! Silly Gribble.

That's Micosoft's fault ... :)
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chrissx  +   484d ago
Personally can't wait 4 this game
corvusmd  +   484d ago
why has this article been posted so many times? Seriously it's starting to come across that everyone know the touchpad is a gimmick and wasted feature...so we constantly have to point out the one game that actually has a use for it.
HammadTheBeast  +   484d ago
Just like Kinect lol.
corvusmd  +   484d ago
Exactly my point, every time they talk about all the different games that actually use Kinect...it's just dismissed as gimmick...but then we go from that to, this "rub pad" is awesome and it's cool cause you can...uh...uh...uh well Infamous uses it.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   484d ago
You sound bitter. Would you like some tea to calm your nerves?
buynit  +   484d ago
Why? Cause he struck a nerve? Spoke the truth?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   484d ago

Lol, no truth was spoken. You and him are clearly on a PS article, that does not mention Kinect, at all, and he proceeds to downplay the touchpad and talk up Kinect, while you pass it off as the truth.

No nerves were struck, but he does sound bitter. He sounds jealous that he isn't getting Infamous, because based on his comment history, he's an Xbox fanboy. So, he, like you, proceed to talk down anything that you can't have to make yourself feel better.
HammadTheBeast  +   484d ago
I agree, but the thing is, until we get some major first party studio to do something unique, this is all we get.
DigitalRaptor  +   483d ago
The DualShock 4 was created with huge input from developers, so if you think it's a gimmick blame them, or perhaps let them show that it's a gimmick before you concede that it is?
buynit  +   484d ago
Impulse triggers!
maniacmayhem  +   484d ago
This game looks fantastic. This should be the game everyone is hyped for.

I really do hope this new infamous lets you fight other super powered villains. This is what I most want from this game.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   484d ago
I really think the touchpad is interesting. I'm gonna love on Infamous. Day one. DAY ONE.
reploidmega  +   484d ago
This is one of the few games that are actually on my radar for a year after the PS4's launch, which is when I'll pick one up.
Not sure I like how the touch pad is doing things, but I'll be willing to give it a shot.
I still wish it were a screen, though...
fpshooter2  +   484d ago
Most defanantly a must buy. Looks stunning

Question: will this have the karma like 1&2? I just haven't heard about it yet and i loved that.
SmokingMonkey  +   484d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall has taken over my top next gen spot over InFamous SS.

The "make your own multiplayer match" is just too awesome, also launching with the PS4 helps.

I simply can't wait to see Delsin's other power's though,

Smoke is brilliant, destruction

Light is just genius, I imagine Delsin running around TV sets and electrical wiring like that Lightning Gremlin from Gremlin's 2.
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DigitalRaptor  +   483d ago
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