Xbox vs. PAX Pox

Kotaku - Looks like Microsoft took Fahey’s hygiene primer yesterday to heart, bundling Xbox-branded hand sanitizer with its display models to do its part in the fight against con crud. We haven’t seen any PlayStation Purell yet.

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gaelic_laoch1846d ago

Nothing worse then a greasy unhygienic xbone!

majiebeast1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Anti cheetos/dorritos hand lotion?

Actually think this is a pretty good move by MS. I doubt any games convention is the most hygenic place. Ive been to Gamescom when it was still in Leipzig and if the BO is anything to go by, then yeah hand sanitizer for everyone.

FITgamer1846d ago

No, Dorito dust is absorbed by controller and turned into powah!

majiebeast1846d ago

Powah of the dorritos cloud?

fossilfern1846d ago

Still no release date ? :/

ziggurcat1846d ago

it's a little troubling that they haven't announced that yet.

fossilfern1845d ago

Yeah its getting really annoying. Its September now and the release is 2 months away! I wouldn't be surprised if they shrunk the release markets down again but I don't think they will.

I just need to know what weekend to take off work!

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