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Submitted by PNeafsey 818d ago | review

Guns of Icarus Online (PC) | FTG Review

FTG Writes: And we went down in flames. Guns of Icarus Online has moments of that level of intensity in the team-based airship combat game. The airships themselves look like a cross between the first vessels that were sailing around the world and a dirigible. Players pick one of three roles to play on the airship – either captain, engineer, or gunner, and enter the fray against enemy airships. The match options are the standard fare of deathmatch, capture the flag, or resource run. The matchmaking is well defined and easy to navigate, which is good because this is an online versus-only game. Guns of Icarus Online has a community of what you’d expect, ranging from the really cool players to the people you’d Falcon Punch in the throat if they ever spoke to you like that face to face. Oh, internet, you and your anonymity. (Guns of Icarus Online, PC) 7.5/10

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