Second Life coming to consoles?

Second Life could be on its way to consoles as a job listing appears on Gamasutra.

Linden Labs is after a development manager to work on "multiple platforms". The position is for their San Fransisco based offices. This could be for a new IP however there has been no such word from Linden Labs on any new games in the works.

Could Linden Labs be getting ready to port their world famous Second Life to next gen consoles?

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THC CELL1934d ago

I cant see Xbox policies having this

TNTgamer1934d ago

It certainly fits in with the new MMO games coming to next gen, Diablo, Elder Scrolls Online etc

Campy da Camper1933d ago

Speaking of ESO, has anyone heard anymore about it?

Donnieboi1934d ago

Yeah but I can see Sony letting it happen, so whatever. Xbox's policies to strict? Move onto other hardware. I did.

Mystogan1933d ago

Why would it not be possible with the new policies? The new policies allow MMO's on X1. Like Elder Scrolls.

Mystogan1933d ago

Elder Scrolls Online is coming to X1 too. Why wouldn't this?

JustPlay41932d ago

Need to be behind a paywall and no cross console play is allowed(X1 players can't play with PC or Ps4 players)

There might be more but those are the main two

HammadTheBeast1934d ago

PS Home already beat ya to it, sorry SL.

joe901933d ago

LOL SL has been around well before the PS3,

CGI-Quality1933d ago

Which is irrelevant since his comment is about a service that has been available on a home console for nearly 5 years. Second Life would be the new comer there.

HammadTheBeast1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Which was besides the point.

In my opinion, these things are lame.

frostypants1932d ago

Second Life is WAAAY beyond PS Home. They look similar, but SL lets you do virtually anything you can imagine. It's also pure chaos and the graphics engine sucks. Frankly I hate both of them

RobbyGrob1933d ago

Getting lost in fictional worlds is already a second life. I don't need a third one.

Campy da Camper1933d ago

Agreed. I'm 40 and between all the crap in my 1st life, I.E., ex wife, teenage daughter, job burdens, medical insurance, cable company extortions, my damn truck blowing a head gasget, crazy people in my apartment complex, outrageous cell phone prices, a bad back, an over bearing mother, crazy ex girlfriends and that popping sound my knee makes I just don't need another one.

mafiahajeri1933d ago

Lool, well said. I agree these things are really lame and not too mention weird.

FrigidDARKNESS1933d ago

Looking foward to seeing what this game has to offer.

ApolloTheBoss1933d ago

Why did I read this as Half-Life 3?

aLiEnViSiToR1932d ago

Valve top secret super brain wave computer is doing well i see... HALF-LIFE 3, HALF-LIFE 3 EVERYWHERE !!!

We want it now, soon... well some time in the next 50 years, Valve >_>

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The story is too old to be commented.