Xbox Live Rewards programme relaunched, detailed

OXM UK: "Loyalty scheme replaces Microsoft Points for Reward Credits."

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gaelic_laoch1931d ago

The payoff for the amount of effort to build up credits was woeful! You would have to be a compulsive buyer on marketplace to get enough for a single game!

UltimateMaster1931d ago

It's called penny pinching.
The old system barely gave you 2% discount.
Wow, now THAT will make Steam Sales completely useless!
Nevermind PlayStation's 50% and 75% discount, Xbox is the future!/s

gaelic_laoch1931d ago

Collect 100 Cola Ring pulls to get a free can!!!!

Mike134nl1931d ago

Are discounts also part of the program? I thought Microsoft already used some kind of monthly discounts.

rela82me1931d ago

They do monthly and weekly discounts... Right now max Payne is 75 percent off...

Minute Man 7211931d ago

Just bought Dead Rising 2 : Case West for $5 or 50% off. Last day of sale

XB1_PS41931d ago

It's better than nothing. Did anybody ever tell you, "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all"? This site is full of naysayers and debbie downers.

wicked1931d ago

@minute man, Dead rising 2 was free with gold this month, last chance to get it today. How come it cost you $5

Minute Man 7211931d ago

@ Wicked

I got Dead Rising 2 for free, Case West is the prequel that's downloadable only on the 360

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Cherchez La Ghost1931d ago


Really?! You need to grow up some. There are people here that do like the Xbox brand. Some are excited to getting the X1. And for little things like this do mean something to Xbox consumers. But for people like you trying to troll for attention is unnecessary and uncalled for. Bad enough to read the rhetoric of comments of fanboys her on N4G is enough.

danowat1931d ago

I managed to accrue nearly 3000MSP in the old live rewards system, for doing pretty much nothing, not a bad deal IMO