PAX: Cooler Master’s HAF Stacker Modular Gaming Case is Insane

GamersNexus: "If producing one of the enthusiast world’s first affordable modular cases wasn’t enough to garner attention at this weekend’s PAX Prime 2013 exposition, Cooler Master decided to throw a couple grand worth of parts into the mix. Seen from booths away, the monolithic HAF Stacker stood as an obelisk to system building enthusiasm among its smaller modules. In these quick video overviews, we’ll look at Cooler Master’s HAF Stacker specs, MSRP, and give some impressions of the enthusiast-class case."

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DoctorJones1906d ago

The case from the mid-top down looks great, but the top end looks ridiculous. There's a line that is made when it comes to creating a pc that looks great or looks silly, and this crosses the silly border.

Are_The_MaDNess1906d ago

well its your choice if you want the part on top or not tho......
you can just have the middle part or the middle and the bottom. or even two on bottom.

1906d ago
ATi_Elite1906d ago

I have a Haf X with Corsair water cooling and I'm happy! HD 7970ghz CFX set-up and still plenty of room.

Not too impressed with that MONSTROSITY plus it does NOT have a HANDLE to make carrying it easy like my Thermaltake Level 10 GT!

ADD a HANDLE to your DARN Cases!

ErryK1905d ago

This is massive, plus, I'm pretty satisfied with my own case.