PAX Prime 2013: Forza 5 Hands On [ThriftyNerd]

Nick Bristow of says, "The game is simply gorgeous, filled with amazing detail in every aspect of every car. Stitching and bumps in carbon fiber can be seen all over the super cars. While these cars have more polygons than ever before, that means little when traveling at a 100 mph through a bend. The worlds are more alive in Forza 5. Looking off in the distance, you can see activity everywhere. Little touches such as a helicopter flying around in what appears to be a fully rendered city in the distance."

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Foxgod1931d ago

Whether people like it or not, Forza is now the number 1 racer on the market.
Turn10 is very efficient with developing their franchise.

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Bellcross1931d ago

GT5 alone sold over 10mil how is Forza number 1 again?

PraxxtorCruel1931d ago

GT5 sold well but I've got this inkling that GT6 will struggle to reach 10 million. There seems to be a lot of disappointment already.

dantesparda1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

"how is Forza number 1 again?"

Because he and all his ms fanboy bretherens said so, that's how it works with fanboys, didnt you know?

and at Praxxtor

Forza 5 would be happy to get whatever numbers GT6 sells, but they wont, they wont even come near it. Forza 5 is very low on the preorder list, meaning that except for you diehard ms fanboys, most people dont really want/care for it

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Jamaicangmr1931d ago

@ Foxgod

Lmao! You're adorable with ur delusions. You should take something for that though.

The Captain1931d ago

Need for Speed sells more....

HammadTheBeast1931d ago

I disagree, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, and others sell more, and are more popular.

Let's be honest. DriveClub isn't competing with Forza. It's not meant to, that would be like Motorstorm with Forza.

Gran Turismo 6 or 7 or whatever on PS4. Now that will be worthy competition against Forza.

But let's not kid ourselves.

Gran Turismo 5 PROLOGUE sold more than Forza.

Can't wait for Forza 5, cars look nice and shiny.

malokevi1931d ago

I'm getting Forza day 1 because it showcases next gen technology better than any other launch game. I'm getting 'the crew' because it looks like a blast to play, and is still really nice to look at.

dantesparda1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

"because it showcases next gen technology better than any other launch game"

On the X1, right? You wasnt including PS4 in that statement was you?

malokevi1931d ago

I can't think of any ps4 games that look as good as Forza. Maybe Killzone... but not quite there.

If you have a suggestion I'll take it under advisement?

windblowsagain1931d ago

Quick Question.

What Nextgen Technology does it showcase? And please do not say cloud, because you will loose any cred.

I do know a game showcasing next gen graphics, tracks, DRIVECLUB.

malokevi1931d ago

Ummm... processing power? Lol...

Driveclub vs. Forza. I'm getting both... you must be high.

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NukaCola1931d ago

Forza is a decent racer but it sits behind GT, Mario Kart and NFS in both sales and overall success. Fox you gotta come out of MS's butt sometimes to breathe and see there is a bigger world out there.

Foxgod1931d ago

So all of a sudden sales are a valid argument?

malokevi1931d ago

Lol, yeah, funny how that flips whenever its convenient.

That being the case, kinect 1 is the best peripheral that has ever existed!

dantesparda1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

What's even funnier is how now it suddenly doesnt matter to the MS fanboys. Yeah it is funny how it flips whenever its convenient. Stop being hypocrits! Both sides do this, as a matter of fact all fanboys do this. You's are a;; a bunch of hypocritical flip flopping phony @zz you-know-whats.

and p.s. kinect sold around 25 million with a 500 billion dollar marketing push. Move sold around 14 million with minimal advertising. So Kinect is not that impressive. Also really, kinect?! you like that sh!t?

Foxgod1931d ago

oh it still matters to me, but i dont accept hypocritical arguments.

malokevi1930d ago

500 billion?

Ahahahaha. Are ppl like you allowed to use the word "fanboy"?

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amnalehu1931d ago

I'm not sure if I will be getting Forza. It still seems like it doesn't know what it wants to be. Drive Club for now and play wait and see for Forza. It is very pretty.

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