Indie Game Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae Is About A Samurai Schoolgirl Killing Robots

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is an action game developed by the indie developer Zenith Blue that made an appearance at Comiket 84. In this PC brawler, you play as a girl named Misa who owns a holy sword.

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j-blaze1693d ago

the main characters look amazing

GreatGamePlay1693d ago

Cute & Huge Boobs have an effectiveness in selling games.

exfatal1693d ago

Was skeptical till i clicked the link... now i want

3-4-51693d ago

For an indie game, this looks really solid. Not a game I'd be into or buy, but I'm glad it exists for those that want to play it.

Cirehpsa1693d ago

VERY solid indeed, although I do know what you mean, simple closed of stages are kind of meeeh, if it were to have levels and a story you'd be much more interested.

dcj05241693d ago

Sounds like something he thought of in HighSchool. Dudebrah 1: What's you're dream game?

Dudebrochachouno: A girl samuri killing killer robots obviously.

Dudebrah 2:If only it exsisted.

Dudebrochacho:Hmmmmmmm if only.

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