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As the servers settle down TPReview have played through the first twenty levels on a single class as well as past level ten on a variety of other classes and crafting classes to bring you a review of the early experiences of FInal Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It's rare that an MMO can be turned around so dramatically but this is an incredibly traditional MMO well worth trying out.

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MoneyMeng1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Its just HYPE! At most i'd give FF14ARR a 7/10, its mediocre. It doesnt suck but surely isnt great. It doesnt do anything particularly great. The Fate system is a less smooth version of GW2's Dynamic event system (and yes GW2 does it better), FF14ARR is released with no PVP whatsoever (yes not even a simple 1v1 dueling system), Leveling feels like grinding, crafting jobs have to be leveled like actual class jobs which makes things more time consuming, you have to run everywhere (at lvl22 u unlock the chocobo but mounts run just as fast as players without chocobos), i could go on and on. Don't get me wrong, the game is playable and can be enjoyable, but is no where near as good as ppl are claiming it to be. And no, in what way whatsoever is this game worth a monthly fee. If that is the case than GW2 should be charging players up the a** right now because that is definitely a smoother playing mmo.

betan211933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Agreed.Also it wayyyyyyyyyy too early to review any MMorpg games at launch.

Sprudling1933d ago

It's hardly early to review the early levels. Many people have played in several beta phases and the full game has been out for 8 days now.

Personally, FFXIV make me feel like I'm playing my first MMO again. I haven't been this addicted since WoW came out 8(?) years ago.

The early levels aren't even this game's strong point. It just gets better and better as more features and stuff unlock. Here's an image illustrating this:

KonsoruMasuta1933d ago

It all depends on the taste of the player.
It's not hype. Just because you don't think it's great doesn't mean people have to agree with you.

To me, this game is awesome.

Snookies121933d ago

GW2 is not smoother than ARR... I played a good deal on both of them.

MoneyMeng1933d ago

Thats because its ALOT smoother, the dynamic systems dont feel added on, questing doesnt feel like grinding to level up or like you are doing some unneccessary tasks, ff14arr is the complete opposite.

NeXXXuS1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

The flooded servers disagree with you. I'm having a blast paying it, even if it is hard to get online sometimes.
Currently A Marauder, Miner and Blacksmith

MoneyMeng1933d ago

flooded servers mean nothing, im playing it too even though i dont think its the best thing ever..

Summons751933d ago

so you either haven't played or are just bad at it...

From someone who HATED the original from beta on and hasn't found a real reason to devote time to an mmo without friends constantly on, they have done an amazing job of drawing me in and want to play more. I didn't even care much for FF11 (again because no one talk online or friends were never on when I played).

MoneyMeng1933d ago

im at lvl 30 and completing my quest to become a warrior. So yes i have played it and i am good at it. Every instance my party has entered, we have never failed and i am the tank! The game is just mediocre, plain and simple.

MoneyMeng1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

For all the peoople who disagree with me, please tell me one thing the game does exceptionally well..

Everything the game does has been done before and in some cases is being or has been done better. What justifies the 9/10 score, better yet, tell me what your paying for here every month?

No PvP, generic dynamic system copied from another mmo who does it more superior, combat that is similar to Aion (notice i said similar not exactly, NOTE: Aion is a f2p game), nothing justifies the paying model the game forces you to pay.


KonsoruMasuta1933d ago

Everybody disagrees because you're wrong. This game is awesome.

TPSou1933d ago

Who knows whether the subscription will be justified as no one has paid a subscription yet, hopefully they'll continue to add regular content but that's an unknown at this point. For a game at launch it has a huge amount of content with full storylines for every class and job (even stories for the crafting classes) a fully functional auction house and guild system, two raids, a number of dungeons and a huge world that's actually exciting to explore.

Guild Wars 2 was a lot of fun too, we gave it 8/10. It has a much rockier launch than FFXIV has had so far with most of the community systems in the game being completely broken. There was also a lack of endgame content and much less variety in the zones (as in you spent a long time in a single environment before moving on).

So far I completely stand by our 9/10, The graphics are a part of that and we enjoy playing in a gorgeous world, but the quest dialogue is very well written, the levelling curve is well paced, the instances are all individually a lot of fun and just about the right length, crafting is much more in depth than the other major MMOs. It's been a great launch and for £17 it's well worth it even if you just play for that first month. Yes Guild Wars didn't have a subscription, but it was £40-50 at launch, which is enough money for 3-4 months of Final Fantasy XIV for the same price. Similarly Aion was originally a subscription model but went f2p when it didn't have enough subscribers.

Totoro171930d ago

lol all your downvotes.

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TheFamous11933d ago

Any word on end game? After I got burned by GW2 with having no end game I am weary to jump into an MMO at launch.

TPSou1933d ago

Evidently I'm not there yet but the people in my guild who are have said there's two raids so far, they've only tried one and it's ridiculously hard, but that could be a gear thing as they've rushed a little to max level. There's armour sets etc but you get a lot of those through questing so I'm not sure what the incentive is, will report back once I get there!

Sprudling1933d ago

I'm just level 30 at the moment, but from what I hear endgame is already in - and it's very hard. 3 months from now endgame will be expanded further.

But even if there was no endgame; the game cost $30 and you get 1 month for free. It's worth it just for the story and 1-50 experience alone.


Just going by how FF11 was and is supported I wouldnt worry about end game content. There will be more than enough.

belac091932d ago

its phenominal, i might be biased because its my first mmo but i have never been addicted to a game this much. i am in awe of how many little different systems it has. i.e. crafting guilds, just everything.