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New 2DS a Tough Sell for Nintendo

PixlBit | "Nintendo raised eyebrows Wednesday with its unexpected announcement of new 3DS hardware that removes the key feature it was designed around.

The console’s latest iteration plays all 3DS titles without the 3D. It’s called the 2DS, because of course it is — it’s by the same company whose idea of differentiating its other new brand from the outgoing one was adding a “U” to the name." (2DS, 3DS, Nintendo)

lastofgen  +   324d ago
I'm not interested in it one bit, but I don't think I'm the targeted audience for it.
cleft5  +   324d ago
Yeah it's not for us and the 2DS isn't like the WiiU, so it's not a tough sell. Plenty of people will buy this cheap thing for their kids. I wish the price was $99 than it would be an automatic throwaway gift for kids.
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gaelic_laoch  +   324d ago
They should not have named it 2ds, first thing that popped in to my head when I heard the name was that it was only going to have side scrolling graphics!
Masterman280  +   324d ago
Then you're an idiot...
gaelic_laoch  +   324d ago
I never denied that I am not!
ape007  +   324d ago
why should i care for something that is not aimed for me, on the contrary, the 2DS is a great marketing model, it shows why companies shouldn't make some stuff mandatory, cough kinect cough
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ABizzel1  +   324d ago
It's a 3DS (-3D), plays 3DS games, and cost less = Easy sale
skydragoonity  +   324d ago
Just what are nintendo's plans?

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