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The PlayStation 4 Controller: Hands-On at Gamescom 2013

We finally got a hands-on at the Playstation 4(DS4) controller and suffice to say, we were very pleased with revisions made to it. (Gamescom 2013, PS4)

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RytGear  +   636d ago
My left ear really enjoyed that video..
Septic  +   636d ago
I think it's the Mic we used :'( Really sorry for that
3-4-5  +   636d ago
You not supposed to use the R1/R2 & L1/L2 triggers at the same time like you used to.

ON xbox 360 you use the triggers and shoulder buttons with the same finger, at different times though.

They made the DS4 like that, because using it how they tried, is the of the reasons I hated the DS3.

It's soo cramped.

They fixed the analogs being floaty, and the triggers so it sounds awesome.
abzdine  +   636d ago
Glad to see that greatness feels great!
Good job
gaelic_laoch  +   636d ago
Epic controller for an epic console!
Xsilver  +   636d ago
awesome awesome awesome
bassambient  +   636d ago
Impulse triggers all the wayyyy xbox one for the winnn
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abzdine  +   636d ago
headset jack, touchpad, share button, you can listen to your game audio with a headset.. impulse trigger is clearly better than ALL these.
Better luck next time.
Greatness awaits
buynit  +   636d ago

You mad that I prefer emersion over a gimick? I dont need a touchpad on my controller, I will have kinect that doesnt need a pad..

Funny how you think a touchpad is going to add so much to gameplay yet youre the guy with tunnel vision on what kinect can do, their is a reason sony left their camera out and it wasnt to give you choice but you can think that..
Nodoze  +   636d ago
Buynit you might want to spend a bit more time immersed in studying.

Just saying.
buynit  +   636d ago
I know im going to lose a bubble but I would tske impulse triggers ober touch pad..
Hicken  +   636d ago
Of course you would. Vibration in triggers adds SO much more to gameplay than a clickable touchpad that offers an additional input type. /s
isarai  +   636d ago
Cannot wait to unbox my PS4 with a huge grin on my face and take a moment to grip and caress the new Dualshock 4 before booting it up and going through all the features and settings before finally starting a game of inFamous(i'm getting it a bit late) and experiencing what the PS4 has to offer me. *sigh* i dream about that day :)
skydragoonity  +   636d ago
The dual shock 4. What can i say my hands are sweating to grip em!
NeutralXP  +   636d ago
LMAO DS3 all over again -1

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